How Camille brought a breath of fresh air to her assignment at Vinçotte

Everything is under control. At least according to Vinçotte, a Vilvoorde-based company specialised in efficiency and safety in the workplace, from inspection up to training. That’s a great baseline if we ever saw one. But what’s more, is that this company actually walks their talk. Currently they are working towards ‘Vinçotte 3.0’, where all Vinçotte business processes spin without the slightest glitch. Part of the project team: Ormit Talent Camille Dils.

Camille has a soft spot for making things run like clockwork. So, when she heard about this project for the first time, it didn’t take long before for her to fall for the idea of making such a big company even more efficient. Today, she polishes company processes aiming for utter smoothness. The goal: to maximize the efficiency and reliability of Vinçotte’s business processes by digitalising and standardising them as much as possible.

With her natural enthusiasm, training, and knowledge on the subject, this was right up Camille’s alley. “This digitalisation project touches upon the core of the company, mapping and reforming almost every process,” she explains. “It’s a huge change for a lot of people who work here, making it a really interesting case for me.” No wonder she accepted the challenge.


Challenging the status quo on a daily base

Today, Camille is still at Vinçotte, but her business card reads ‘Business Analyst’ where it once spelled ‘Project Support’. Now, it’s her job to map and understand the existing business procedures at Vinçotte. By carefully analysing each one, from safety inspections to efficiency evaluations, Camille decides how these processes can be effectively redesigned. “It comes down to continuously challenging the status quo,” she says. “How are we doing this now? How can we make it better? And most importantly, how do we get everyone on board to implement that change throughout the entire company?”

“At Ormit Talent, we are continuously practising to see solutions instead where others see problems.”

By changing the current ways of working, the goal is to make Vinçotte’s reporting, billing and planning operations more efficient. Quite an extensive project, which requires both a lot of expertise and a continuous overview of the global process. Not a problem to Camille, however. As an Ormit Talent, she’s trained when it comes to keeping a helicopter perspective. And that’s a plus, because this view of things perfectly complements the hands-down approach of her colleagues, each in their respective field of expertise.

For Camille, keeping that global view is as interesting as it is challenging. “The biggest challenge for me is that my knowledge on the subject makes me a point of contact for a lot of different questions. That sometimes makes it hard for me to focus on my main task, which is analysis.”

Project-based working, a trade of its own

Working on this project is a story of highs and lows. To Camille, implementing even the smallest improvements is always a reason for celebration. However, Vinçotte is an established company with a long-lasting tradition and a certain way of getting things done. Camille admits it isn’t always easy to meet the deadlines that come with this particular modus operandi. “The nicest part for me though is that in projects like these, you always have a highly motivated team to work with. That makes it a lot more fun to pull through.”

Collaborating with highly motivated experts makes digitalising the operations an insightful assignment for Camille. But in practice, the karma comes right back to her. As an Ormit Talent, Camille feels she has a positive impact on the teamwork, too. “At Ormit Talent, we are continuously practising to see solutions instead where others see problems. Project-based working can bring about a lot of challenges and I do feel that with my background as well as my natural spirit and perseverance, I bring a fresh wind to our project team.”


What’s next?

Seven months in, Camille and her team are almost ready to bring all the Vinçotte inspectors on board, ready to meet with their first made-to-measure digitalised processes. This is a milestone the team has been looking forward to for a while now. After that roll-out has been successfully wrapped up, it will be up to Camille and her team to expand that change towards other processes and techniques. In the end, it’s about making every Vinçotte procedure as future-proof as can be.

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