Is performance coaching your cup of tea?

Discover why performance coaching could be exactly the kind of coaching you need! All you have to do is download the 10 most important advantages of performance coaching here. Not sure yet what performance coaching is all about: we explain it in this article.


At Ormit Talent, we focus on the discovery and development of your unique talents. One of your biggest supports will be your Talent Development Manager or coach. He/She will show you the way and is there to support you in taking your next step.
Next to challenging missions and an intense development track full of interesting trainings, performance coaching is one of the pillars of every traineeship that will help you to make progress. But what does performance coaching mean?


It starts with introspection

You probably already guessed it. It’s coaching that aims towards performance. To perform as a professional, you need to know who you are, what your talents are, what motivates you, … Therefore we spend a lot of time on introspection during coaching.

Based on the outcome of these coachings, we challenge you to apply the insights you gained to reach the results you and your client want to achieve. Since we at Ormit Talent believe that only people make the difference, the focus is therefore really on YOU!


Time to broaden the mind

Next to introspection, we also want to broaden your mind and perspective to make sure you are really in touch with the world and the people around you.

During the coaching sessions, we stimulate you to think about how you could apply what you have learned in trainings and your daily work environment. “Who do you need in this?”, “What are you going to do differently tomorrow?”, “How are you going to give feedback to your colleague?”, “What are you going to change based upon the feedback you received?” are only but a few of the questions we ask to challenge and support you in this.


Always be a work in progress

After Ormit Talent, the self-development doesn’t end. In our coaching sessions, we give you the tools to continue to challenge yourself after the traineeship so that you can make the right career choices!

Ormit Talent trainees

Download our 10 reasons why performance coaching is something for you!