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Young talents and their stressors when choosing a first job

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into the stressors that young talents are facing when it comes to picking their first job. So read on and discover some of our tips to lower your stress.

15 March 2023 Read more

How to become a successful scrum master with Ormit Talent and BNP Paribas Fortis

In this blog, we give you an insight into the most important skills of a scrum master and a sneak peek at our training program in cooperation with BNP Paribas Fortis.

28 February 2023 Read more

Talent development of future leaders at Ormit Talent

Organisations and talents need a talent development policy. Let’s take a deep-dive into Ormit Talent’s approach.

22 February 2023 Read more

What does personal leadership mean to you?

Part 2: personal leadership.
We asked a number of trainees and a manager what leadership means to them.

16 December 2022 Read more

What does leadership mean to you?

Part 1: leadership. We asked a number of trainees and a manager what leadership means to them.

16 December 2022 Read more

Not rugby players. Scrum masters.

What’s the role of a scrum master within scrum? Understanding the role of a scrum master starts by understanding the mindset behind it.

8 December 2022 Read more

IT is more than zero and one

A passion for IT. Curious about coding and software development. With databases as part of your comfort zone. Plenty of recruiters are looking for tech talents like you.

29 November 2022 Read more

What a dead cat and talent recruitment have in common

Ormit Talent annually recruits about fifty young, ambitious talents. For this, we developed a unique selection process. Discover our formula for success here.

18 November 2022 Read more

The war for talent: 4 remarkable evolutions

How should my organization respond to the war for talent? Download our free tips here and effortlessly adapt your strategy to the changing job market!

7 November 2022 Read more

Engaging and retaining talent: here’s how to do it

Increase retention rates and reap on the efforts of young talent. Five axes of action for engaging young talent.

7 November 2022 Read more

Human skills every data talent needs

An analytical background and curious about the universe of data? Plenty of companies are looking for talents like you!

4 November 2022 Read more

Business and data professionals in therapy: how to achieve a perfect marriage? 

The better the interaction between your data team and business professionals, the more successful you can work with data. Ormit Talent sits down with both parties and provides tips on how to set up an effective collaboration.

27 October 2022 Read more