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Our talents are our living proof! Every day, they show how impactful they really are. How they make the difference everywhere. How they work smart and get far. Difficult to believe?

See for yourself. Join Arnaut and discover more about his reason to join Ormit Talent. How his coach supported him through some professional and personal challenges.


Meet Arnaut


When Arnaut graduated, he had absolutely no clue what to do next. But he did have a lot of questions. About his values for example. So, Ormit Talent seemed like the best “sandbox” to test a few things. And yes, it was! In a safe environment, Arnaut could experiment, while learning all there is to know about himself. And also about the scary things in life. Like the pandamic and some personal issues. His coach really motivated to open up about it with his colleagues at VD Fin. His favourite project so far.

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Want to hear more about the Ormit Talent culture, the importance of meaningful work and personal development? Arnaut is eager to share his experiences with you!



June 1 (18:00 – 18:30)


Digital via Teams