Ormit Talent Casino

Not your average type of Casino

Get ready! This summer, we open our doors for a once-in-a-lifetime experience: the Ormit Talent Casino! Hell yeah, you read it correctly. This is your chance to experience our unique way of having fun. Forget the blackjack and the roulette. At Ormit Talent, we never do things the normal way.

Indeed, we invented plenty of fun challenges for you and your friends. Amazing activities, fun food and delicious drinks. Join us on this very special evening and show us how adventurous you are. We prepared loads of surprise boxes for all of you. So, everyone will be a winner! Curious to know more? Read on.

Practical information

People working together

Pick a day based on your mother tongue. The casino opens up for French speaking talents on the 3th of August and Dutch speaking talents on the 4th of August!

Our office in Brussels

A casual evening filled with fun and laughter. A chance to get to know Ormit Talent differently. To chat with other talents and trainees. With free food & drinks!

On the agenda!


Our doors are open!

As of 6 PM you’re welcome at our office! Take a drink and get to know your co-players.



No casino, without rules. We take 15 minutes of your time to introduce Ormit Talent. To go over the rules and games.


Let the games begin!

Time to have some fun, the Ormit Talent way. With special games, lots of different prizes and free food & drinks. Some of our trainees will join too.

Our work might be serious, but we do it with a twinkle!

Ormit Talent

Ready to have some fun?

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