Ormit Talent Talks

A quick sneak-peek of life at Ormit Talent in two ways: inspiring sessions about our favourite themes or trainees sharing their story.
A digital chat of 30 minutes is all we need. Every talk starts at 6 PM.

Ormit Talent trainee

Meet our young graduate trainee

Want to know why an Ormit Talent traineeship is better than any other traineeship? Curious to see how Corentin also learned things from his fellow trainees? Join Corentin!
Trainee in an online meeting

Ormit Talent Talk: Leadership in the eyes of young talent

We are curious about the associations young talents make. Join the conversation. Share your vision. Discover the skills of a future leader.

Meet our senior talent

the 6th of May
Discover Ormit Talent

Ormit Talent Talk: The game of development

Ofman’s Core Quadrants model helps you to understand how you operate on a personal level. Have a taste on how we work on these parts.

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