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Virtual workshop: Change management

Change is inevitable. It’s the law of life and it applies both around you and within you. How do you react to change and why ? How can you cope with change and guide people through it in a project ? Subscribe for our change management workshop and learn to embrace the change with both personal tips and concrete tools.

Being comfortabele with being uncomfortable is essential for change leaders.

Deborah Rowland
Ormit Talent trainee


An open conversation on change and how to handle it. Get acquinted with the ADKAR methodology to tackle change through practical excercices.

Practical info

When? April 28 (18:30 – 20:30)
Where? Online with Zoom

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Meet the trainers


Talent development manager

Before I became a Talent Developer, I was a Product Developer. In both, development means: listening to users, looking for improvements and dealing with resistance. Excited to tackle these things with you!


Recruitment & selection coordinator

Driven by connecting with others and personal development, I see this workshop as the perfect occassion to reunite these two passions around a timeless and substantial topic: change.