Develop. Together with us.

Unique talents should be embraced. Ripened like special brews. Fed. Tickled. Given space. Shown the way. But they also should hit a wall now and then. Or get a kick in the …

Sounds vague? Read on then.

About challenging projects at top notch organisations. About training and coaching for experienced professionals. That’s how you unleash yourself. And make more progress in 2 years than you would in five years elsewhere.

Ormit Talent



Be challenged by exciting projects and questions you can’t instantly answer.  Where you expand your comfort zone and just keep going. Where you learn by trial and error.

Rotating in various roles in one company or multiple ones. In a traineeship when you just graduated. Or a talent program when you already have first work experiences. Making a difference each time, that’s a promise.




You can’t know everything. But you can surely learn a lot. And learning always beats knowing. About inspiring and guiding. Influencing and innovating. Change and ownership. Data and digital. In people and hard skills training. One day a month. At least. Interactive, practical and sometimes even with a little bit of acting …


What you’ll learn, you ask? A lot!


  • effective communication
  • managing your environment
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • getting to know yourself
  • staying vital at work
  • managing projects
  • change and innovation
  • and so much more



Check the mirror held by Talent Development Managers aka coaches Ludmilla, Jannes, Yannick, Eva or Joke. Who listen and ask the right questions. So you can figure out yourself what you’re good at and where you can grow. What gives you energy and what doesn’t.


Your coach also shows the way. On how your talents move people. How you can go the extra mile and have more impact in your projects. And how to make your next career move.

Ormit Talent



A special one is generous. Your colleagues just love to share tips and experiences with you. Just like you do for them. Between two beers or at the verge a new challenge.

Let’s call it a club or community. A family-type network. Sounds posh, we know. But there just is no better way to describe it. At Ormit Talent you have fun and you grow. Together.


Ready to build your network?

Dagmar Stessels

Data chief trainee

For me, starting my career at Ormit Talent was natural. The chance to sample multiple data assignments while developing my people skills was enough to pique my curiosity. And I’m still very happy with this choice. My first project as a data trainee was at APOK, the market leader in Belgium in the sale of roof and facade materials. In order to remain a market leader, it was important to dig a little deeper into their data. I was responsible for analyzing the buying behavior of their customers. What did I learn from this project? How to communicate efficiently with the business. And also how to translate the needs of the business as correctly as possible into a data-related solution.

Ormit Talent alumni

Mathias Daeseleire

Ormit Talent alumni

When I completed my university studies in Applied Economics, I opted resolutely for the ORMIT programme. Why? First and foremost, the diversity and learning opportunities that the Multi Company Trajectory offered me. I was able to work in four top-notch companies, learn various soft and hard skills and discover a broad spectrum of values and business principles. In addition, learning and feedback were key at ORMIT. It helps you grow into the best version of yourself, but sometimes you also encounter yourself.

Ormit Talent trainee

Andreas De Keyzer

Ormit Talent trainee


After going through a rather technically-oriented education, it felt like my career path was more or less defined.  Even though, I had truly enjoyed my first working experience, I sensed the urge to explore different industries in order to broaden my professional and personal development. My decision to enroll in an Ormit Talent program provided me with the perfect toolset to guide me along this journey.

Clémentine Dinsart

Data chief trainee

As a project manager at GSK, I had to build a project from scratch. And no, I had no experience in how to manage a project. It really was a “learn on the job” assignment. Obviously, I learned a lot about project management. But I especially realized the importance of being flexible. That you have to communicate a lot. And you must know the people you’re working with. In the end it’s all about managing and respecting all the different personalities. I’ve also witnessed the great impact of employee recognition. How important it is to say, “thank you” and value others in their daily contribution.

What have I learned about myself? This traineeship made me realize I can have a great influence with my energy level. People in my pool called me “Duracell” at our first weekend together. My positive energy is as contagious as my “bad” energy. Ormit Talent helped me to gain this insight. And I keep working on it. Every day.

Our Traineeships. Take your pick.

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Agile Traineeship @BNP Paribas Fortis

Coaching, project management, risk management, facilitation management, … Grow these skills and become a scrum master in only 24 months!

Data traineeship

Always had a thing-with-data? Then do something with it. And go from curious data lover to curious data chief. In projects at various companies. Around data analytics, visualization and many other English words. Go!

Management traineeship

Ready to dive but not yet sure into what? Then this traineeship is your preferred swimming pool. 26 Months of switching lanes between companies, assignments and roles. And somewhere along the way you fall in love. With your dream job!

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