A first job you are happy to set your alarm for. Or a new job, if you’re not really feeling it today. Full of challenging missions in finance, IT or logistics. Where you have hot topics like data, digital and change for breakfast. To name a few.

Surprise yourself with what you can already do. And get even better at it every day. With tons of coaching and training for future leaders. Before you know it, you’re in front of the pack. And in a roaring career. Vroom!

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Data traineeship

Tu as toujours eu un faible pour les data ? Il est temps de passer à l’étape suivante. Concrétiser ton amour des data par une expérience professionnelle hors du commun. En endossant différents rôles au sein d’une ou plusieurs entreprises, tu pourras évoluer en tant qu’analyste de data, traducteur de data, business analyst, data scientist junior, …

Data traineeship

Always had a thing-with-data? Then do something with it. And go from curious data lover to curious data chief. In projects at various companies. Around data analytics, visualization and many other English words. Go!

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