Manon Steinier

Data Scientist


Travel is my passion! I love immersing myself in different cultures, broadening my perspective, and realizing how the way I live isn’t the only way. This desire to understand drives my fairness and humility – everyone deserves the same chances, no matter their background.


Machine Learning




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Manon’s skills…

Concept Translator

I grasp complex ideas quickly and simplify them for others.. It’s like those board games where one person has to make the rest understand the rules; I’m that person.

Passionate Debater

When I believe in something, I don’t just share my opinion; I build a persuasive case to bring people along with me.

Efficient go-getter

I’m direct, goal-oriented, and dislike wasting time. If a task is clear and logical, I’ll get it done quickly and effectively.

Strategic Influencer

I enjoy being involved in the decision-making process and want to have an impact on shaping outcomes. This allows me to ensure alignment with my values and goals.

Previous experience


Master in Applied Mathematical Engineering 


Business analyst & Predictive analysis


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