Marc Van Hove

6 January 2022

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4 tips to support young talent

Leiding geven aan jonge talenten is niet evident. Met de juiste begeleiding en uitdaging geef je jonge talenten alle kansen om een meerwaarde te zijn binnen jouw organisatie.

12 May 2022 Read more

Why your organisation will benefit from inexperienced talent

Young, inexperienced starters often perform better than your experienced permanent staff. Wondering what makes these inexperienced trainees so successful? Find out here!

2 May 2022 Read more

Invest in talent. Make the switch from constant outsourcing to a talent pipeline. 

Changes happen fast. Your company wants to move forwards. Are you looking for that one special data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, security specialist, project support officer, digital marketer or product owner?
We can find them for you.

11 April 2022 Read more