The Ormit Talent Summer Challenge

Get ready to show your smartness and have a blast in the sun! Welcome to the Ormit Talent summer challenge. A smart idea of our recruitment team to boost our branding and applications with our beloved ambassadors 😉 YOU!

But the benefit is not only ours. Also yours. This summer challenge will push you to work on your employer brand and your visibility online. Or to make new friends with your team. And let’s not forget about all the skills you’ll learn: planning, communication, … Cause only the smartest team, will get the furthest on our skatepark full of challenges!

So, are you ready to work smart, earn points, and make this summer unforgettable? Gather your team members ad join the challenge that will elevate our visibility and make your career shine brighter than the sun!

Here’s what you need to know

1. Gather your dream team!

Each group will consist of three members. You can choose whomever you want, staff and trainees. But remember: this is your chance to mingle with individuals from other pools, traineeships and the staff. Together, you’ll conquer the competition!

2. Get your ticket

To officially enter the challenge, your team has to subscribe with the link below. Each team has to pick a name that reflects their teamspirit and ambition. The most original name, gains an additional 20 points. FYI, we do love a twinkle 😉

3. Mark your calendars!

The Ormit Talent Summer Challenge kicks off on July 1st and concludes on August 31st. Get ready for two months of thrilling action, growth, and friendly competition. Yes, it’s the fun part that matters most.

Oh, and did we mention we organize an afterwork as well? Not only will you get to mingle with your fellow participants and the Ormit Talent crew, but you’ll also earn extra points for each friend you bring along. So, round up your squad, spread the word once we have pinned a date. No worries, we will send you a notice.

4. Show us what you’ve got!

Yes, cheating can be smart, but so are we… We’ve got a funky twist to keep things fair and transparent. The severe eyes of Clementine, Kimberly & Joyce will check each action, so we require solid proof. So, whether it’s a screenshot, a video, or a secret handshake (just kidding, but we appreciate creativity), make sure to wow us with your evidence! More info on which prove we need in the score card.

5. How to earn points

Eager to get far in this competition? To push other teams to do the same? We created a score card explaining you which actions to take, how to prove them and how many points you’ll gain. Let’s break it down and get those points poppin’!

6. Groove your way to victory!

Get ready to unleash your team spirit, because it’s time to groove your way to the ultimate triumph! The group that racks up the most points will ascend to the throne as the best ambassadors of Ormit Talent. But there is more, we’re not stopping at the top spot – oh no, we’ll announce the top 3 teams who have truly brought the heat. And guess what? Each of these teams will be rewarded with a price!


But wait, there’s more! We’ve got an extra special surprise up our sleeves. We’re adding an additional prize for the smartest turtle of your team! It’s up to you to decide! Choose one person from your group who shone the brightest, aced the challenges, and wowed us all with their incredible smarts.

7. Track your success on the leaderboard!

Data and efficiency are a thing, right? That’s why we created a leaderboard to keep track you’re your successes. And to be pushed out of your comfortzone by the speed of others. Get real-time updates on your team’s progress, check your rankings, and witness the thrilling action unfold. (Leaderbord will be shared later)

8. Questions?

Easy peasy, contact Joyce 😉

So, what are you waiting for?

Gather your team, sign up with a unique name, and brace yourselves for smartness! Keep in mind that each action you take brings you further, so don’t forget to provide proof. But above all, remember that this challenge is about fostering connections and enjoying the ride together.

Join the challenge today and embark on a journey where your career, as well as the careers of others, will shine bright. Let’s make this summer one to remember!