Supply Chain Traineeship @ ArcelorMittal

Supply chain is about a lot more than warehouses and trucks. At ArcelorMittal, it’s all about digital, change, footprints (heard of their Carbon neutral commitment by 2050?), and operational excellence. Together with their Scale Up team, our trainees have been drawing plans for tomorrow’s supply chain. Now it is time to manage the changes, motivate the end-user and maximize the efficiency of these digitalization efforts. This is where you get to play a part.

Your assignment? You’ll play a crucial role in optimizing ArcelorMittal’s newly rolled-out digital supply chain system. Provide support to end-users, ensure the system is operating at its peak, and help the organization reach its business goals. Specialize as a Product Owner within a specific area over 24 months, gaining more responsibilities with each assignment.

Ready to make a real change in this agile project? Team up with Ormit Talent and ArcelorMittal!

What’s in it for you?

Drive the future of supply chain!

Be part of the 25

A team of 25 people that transformed its supply chain and loves to challenge its status quo. They call themselves the ScaleUp team.

An IT mindset

Behind every powerful supply chain, is an amazing IT system. The ScaleUp team is therefore best friends with 100+ IT’ers. Together they make sure the business needs become reality.

Challenging assignments

From business analysis and project planning, to UX design, end-user training, and even taking leadership over offshore testers … The project is partly in roll-out and in some countries still at the start. Smells like opportunities !





Go international

We are talking about one supply chain for whole Europe, so get ready to collaborate with colleagues from other countries. And who knows, you might even travel to their entities from time to time.

A lasting impression

Every role you take at this multinational comes with immediate responsibility. And with responsibility comes real impact.

Grow as future leader

Every day on the job. And with more than 20 days of training and a personal coach. With a lot of attention for people, leadership and project management skills.

Land as a product owner at ArcelorMittal

Is there life after this traineeship? Absolutely! ArcelorMittal is always looking for experienced product owners and at the end of your traineeship, you’ll be one!


Be part of two tight groups. At Ormit Talent and ArcelorMittal. Who you bound with for years to come. During and after work.

A word from a Supply Chain trainee Thomas Demarre about his responsibilities and the impact of his role

We are given the opportunity to start in a position that is not entry level. As a consequence, we receive a lot of responsibility which allows us to prove ourselves and work on our weaknesses (with the aid of our coach).

In my position as Product Owner I have a direct impact on the project and my decisions co steer the project flow. This really gives me the feeling that I have an impact on the project.

What is a product owner?

A product owner defines and prioritizes the product roadmap, ensuring top-quality, efficient products. Your decisions shape the company’s success and sustainability, giving you a sense of ownership and accomplishment.

What does that look like day-to-day? Let’s hear from our trainee, Daniel:

“My main responsibility is communicating with users across various factories to ensure our supply chain system supports their operations. Each location operates differently, so we must balance value and costs (ROI) when prioritizing requests. We gather requirements, then work with developers and technical teams to develop new functionalities. We also conduct quantitative supply chain analysis, like studying lead times and stocks. Managing IT teams is crucial to maximize capacity. Lastly, we support incident resolution by diving deep into the system to identify root causes and unblock production.”


How special are you?

Do the test.

You have a master and max 3 years’ work experience

Any master will do. We are more interested in your personality and leadership skills.

You have a feel for IT, technology or digital

And for efficiency and logistics too. Then you’re in for a treat. And a lot of learning thanks to the job, training and coaching.

You say yes fluently

Because English (level C1) has no secrets for you. Dutch is a plus.

You are curious

You want to know everything about as many things as possible. And if you don’t know it, you want to learn it. Comfort zones are a joke to you.

What you’ll love about the Scale-up Team


This small, dynamic team is developing a software tool to support operations, aiming to harmonize and improve processes across European entities. They’re currently rolling out the new system factory by factory. Challenging? Absolutely. But the Scale-up team is like a family where everyone has a voice and everything can be discussed. At least, that’s what the 4 current trainees told us.

Are you up for it?

Ready to change the future of steel?

Grab your chance and apply now.

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