About Ormit Talent

For decades, Ormit Talent has been winning over the minds and hearts of young talents. We’ve not only got the right people, but our finely tuned radar also means we understand what you – and they – really need.

We give companies access to exceptional young talent driven by curiosity. Smart minds, digital thinkers, flexible doers. Future leaders and game changers who move companies forward. We provide the perfect match between top talent and top companies.

We love talent


Our belief

At Ormit Talent, we love talent. And we believe that top talent is the driving force for organisations seeking true change. For those that want to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. When you create the perfect environment – allowing talent to develop further and deepen – these talents will become the future leaders who effect lasting change.


How we do it

We stay close to our top talents. We know them through and through. And you can bet your bottom dollar we challenge them. Always and in every way. We confront, motivate, and give critical feedback. Positive, respectful, and kind, without prejudice. So they can push their boundaries again and again, and become the best version of themselves. Introducing the impactful shapers of renewal and leaders of the future.


Our strength

At Ormit Talent, we’re equally ambitious. We’ve set our bar high. We make true on our promises. And seek to exceed expectations. We have the courage to speak to each other as colleagues. We motivate and inspire each other. Improving ourselves, undertaking, innovating, wanting to win and make the world a better place, is what we want. And yes, that includes pushing the limits and taking the occasional risk.

Creating a better world

A better place to live in

We want to make an impact. To make the world a more sustainable, kinder place. All it takes is the power of a new generation. Young talents who want to do things better, differently, more carefully. It’s our mission to give that next generation of top talent ample room to develop themselves. Organisations that go with Ormit Talent know: the future leaders who will make a difference tomorrow are knocking on their doors today!