Data chiefs

How does data help you achieve your business goals? How do you translate business questions to your data team and vice-versa? If you’re looking for talent that combines data knowledge with the right set of people skills, we can connect you with the young profiles everyone wants.

Why data chiefs?

Data is the new gold! Your organisation has a wealth of valuable data. But how do you translate these into actionable insights? We believe young ambitious talent with transversal skills will turn your data into concrete business opportunities. So let’s start digging!


Data meets human

The best data people also have relevant business expertise, and these are rare. Our Data Chiefs are selected and developed for both. Because to create real business value, you need the right set of people skills in addition to data skills.


Your data talent pipeline

With Ormit Talent you always have access to the most sought-after data talent, whether you are looking for temporary reinforcement or structural recruitment of data talent. And without losing time on recruitment and development.


Senior support

Our data analysts, data scientists and data engineers always have access to senior (data) experts as a sounding board in the form of training, coaching and mentoring. This gives you the best of several worlds together in one talent.


Data-driven, sustainable

Thanks to their intensive development process, our Data Chiefs develop into all-round data specialists. That way, we help ensure that data-driven working is not a buzzword but a reality in your organisation.

Discover more about data chiefs

The heart of data: why are human skills in data so important?

The possibilities of data are endless. As an organization, it is tempting to collect as much knowledge as possible and have it flow to other departments. Yet that offers no guarantee that your people will actually put these insights to work. A lot of human skills are needed to make that translation.

Case Banx: How to use data to boost sales and customer experience

Boosting the sales and customer experience of a new product? Data is your guide! Discover how Data Chief Hélène from Ormit Talent did it for the banking app Banx.

Case VDFin: Towards smarter data processing thanks to machine learning

Towards smarter data processing thanks to machine learning? VDFin did it together with Ormit Talent.

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