Ormit Talent’s cases

A traineeship is not about the destination. The story of Ludmilla

“Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?” or “What is your dream job?”… All tough questions, since I felt like the member of the club with no clear path for my future, nor a specific “calling.” Read the story of Ludmilla.

Wouter & Sylvie about their internal assignment

Wouter and Sylvie created a brand-new data case that is used during the assessment of future Data Chiefs. Discover how they created an assessment exercise by using time series forecasting in Python. (video)

Scrum and agile at BNP Paribas Fortis: Insights from Bart and Oumaima

Scrum masters at BNP Paribas Fortis: the Agile way of working, responsibilities and key skills. Scrum Masters Bart and Oumaima share their insights.

The first months as an IT trainee at ArcelorMittal. Discover the story of Andy.

Meet Andy, IT trainee within the ScaleUp project at ArcelorMittal. He is currently on his first assignment. We had a little chat with Andy to discover more about his responsibilities and the role of IT within this project team.

Louis getting started with PowerBI

Our data trainees also have an impact during internal assignments. Discover more about the impact and development of Louis.

Looking back on two years of discovery with Sébastien

Sébastien believes discovery is one of the core values of Ormit Talent. Keep reading to find out what that means to him and what he discovered in the last two years.

Ormit Talent, Euroclear and Wemanity join forces

Ormit Talent provides training and coaching on people and leadership skills. DigitalScaler takes care of the hard skills part. And Euroclear? They give a lot of opportunities to further develop all your skills on the job.

How to create sustainable impact during your projects?

Our Management Trainee Jens Dierckx succeeded in creating a sustainable impact during his last project. Discover his seven tips and tricks!

How to use data to boost sales and customer experience

Boosting the sales and customer experience of a new product? Data is your guide! Discover how Data Chief Hélène from Ormit Talent did it for the banking app Banx.

Building the supply chain of tomorrow

Ormit Talent and ArcelorMittal teamed up to find future leaders to help lead this multinational into Industry 4.0. Read the benefits according to an alumni of this traineeship.

Smart Ormit Talent

Smarter data management through business intelligence

Boost your datamanagement? Smart did it! Through Ormit Talent’s data traineeship, they got in touch with business intelligence analyst Jeremy


Towards smarter data processing thanks to machine learning

Towards smarter data processing thanks to machine learning? VDFin did it together with Ormit Talent.

Case Apok Ormit Talent

How to monitor buying behavior with data marketing?

Monitoring your customers’ buying habits? Data is the name of the game. Find out how Dagmar Stessels, data trainee at Ormit, helped APOK with their data marketing.

How Camille brought a breath of fresh air to her assignment at Vinçotte

Currently they are working towards ‘Vinçotte 3.0’, where all Vinçotte business processes spin without the slightest glitch. Part of the project team: Ormit Talent Camille Dils.

ArcelorMittal sets up a dedicated traineeship with Ormit Talent

To enforce the business team, and to assure long-term continuity, ArcelorMittal asked Ormit Talent to set up a dedicated traineeship.