Leadership… what’s in a name?

Ormit Talent is looking for future leaders. Young talents that have the potential to become successful leaders. But what does leadership actually mean? Years of experience in the field of leadership development, gave us a lot of insights. And we even developed our leadership model around it. Discover here what we believe to be the essential aspects of (successful) leadership.

Our leadership model consists of 5 pillars.

5 distinct aspects that are essential for a leader to really make the difference.

First of all,

a leader is able to connect on various levels. With themselves, with other individuals, with groups, with organizations, … No, we are not some fluffy tree huggers. Although at Ormit Talent, you can be if you want to!

Being able to connect with others and yourself is about being honest, loyal, reliable. It’s about empathy and compassion. This way, a leader achieves results. Not alone. But together with others (co-workers, colleagues, customers, and partners). So, always remember: “Before you try to score a contract, first make contact!”

A leader also knows what matters.

So, don’t throw away your study books. And continue to pay attention in class. Because, as a leader, it’s important that you have the expertise. And that you know what you are talking about. If you don’t, how could you know what it takes to achieve your objectives? By having the knowledge and expertise, you will also be respected by co-workers, colleagues, customers, and partner.

But keeping those study books is not all it takes. Knowledge and skills evolve. What is essential today might be redundant tomorrow. Good leaders know that their learning never stops. That’s why we continuously repeat: “You are always a work in progress!”

Management of processes is about being able to get things done. A good leader is able to implement a project successfully. They do this by organizing their work effectively and efficiently.

It’s also about keeping a clear overview, practicing stakeholder management, and controlling the processes effectively. A leader is a person with a plan. They come prepared. And just like in sports, they are goal oriented. So, keep in mind: “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.”

The world is changing.

Being able to translate external developments to the own organization is crucial. Think and act outside-in is all about making sure you stay connected with what is happening. Keeping an eye on market trends and recent technical developments.

It is also about having influence on external developments. By proclaiming the vision of the organization and participating to dialogues / going into dialogue. That’s why we love curiosity and curious people. Don’t forget: “Curiosity only killed the cat”


One more thing… Personal leadership. As you can see, we have put it at the centre of our model. We consider it to be the glue linking the 4 other elements.  Ormit Talent selects people on their personal leadership.

Being self-aware: who am I?  what do I want? and what are my capabilities? Being eager to learn, work on personal development. Having the guts to make choices and act accordingly.

We genuinely believe everybody is/could be a leader.  A bold statement. We know. We are convinced that everyone is born with leadership. It just needs nurturing. It just needs the best circumstance to grow and develop. And Ormit Talent just happens to offer that kind of environment.