The dream we chase

Ormit Talent wants to make the difference

We’re ambitious at Ormit Talent. We want to positively impact society and make the world a better place. We chase this dream with everything we do.

A better world

The only one way to help create a better world is with the strength of a new generation. A generation of young, driven talents who want to do different and be better.


A new generation of top talent

A new generation is emerging. A generation of young, talented people with their own world view. They dedicate themselves to a future that is truly sustainable, diverse, and inclusive. A world that might be increasingly digital, but in which people make the difference.


We are at the basis

At Ormit Talent, we realise we are at the basis of this next generation of top talent. We guide their development and create an environment that allows them to bring out the best in themselves. Empowering them to make an unprecedented, indelible impact in the organisations they work for and the world they live in. Bringing them into play is our mission.


Talent development? That’s us!

We want to give that new generation of top talent the leg up/boost they need. Because our greatest strength lies in talent development. We know for a fact our special ones will make their dreams – and ours – come true.

This is how we do it!

Care to dare

You achieve the most if you show a little guts. We challenge on personal growth and business impact. We’re close to the skin for that. This is best done in a safe environment. In that way, you get out of your comfort zone. And you make room for innovation, experimentation and thus growth.

Eager to learn

Continuous learning. Constantly developing. Our knowledge of today will be outdated tomorrow. If you keep learning, you keep developing yourself. This requires energy, the courage to look at yourself honestly and to take action. Every day, for everyone. Keep learning for a lifetime. We believe in that. In this way you can continue to contribute to the development of others and the environment around you.

Teaming up

We love to co-create. Because you can never bring change on your own. You do it together. Only then will it work sustainably. For both an individual and an organization, working together is a recipe for success. Moreover, it is much more fun together!

With a twinkle

You only live once, as far as we know at least. So let’s make sure we have fun. We always find room for relaxation, humor and perspective. Our work may be very serious; but always with a twinkle!

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