Senior talent

Looking for talents with the right baggage and experience? These not so young talents bring seniority and expertise to your organisation on a consultancy basis. Exactly in those projects and places where it is needed most. Let’s talk serious senior business!

Why senior talent?

Get ready to be amazed. We can arrange young talents with seniority and far-reaching expertise. This is an exclusive Ormit Talent program in which top talents take great strides forward. Moving ahead in leaps and bounds to become consultants to contend with, with solid management and leadership skills.


Instantly deployable

Ormit Talent delivers senior talent that is immediately deployable. After all, we’ve already taken care of the recruitment, selection, and talent development for your organisation


A fresh pair of eyes

Our senior talents have already gained experience in other organisations. Which means they bring a fresh set of eyes and surprising perspectives that will help your organisation forward. Outside in!


IQ and EQ

All our talents have gone through an intensive and challenging talent development program. They don’t just possess technical skills, but they are smart, business wise and have unique people skills. Thanks to their IQ and EQ they stimulate, motivate, and direct their team like no other.

Contact details

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