Did you know that Belgium has whistleblower regulations encouraging individuals to expose certain wrongdoing and irregularities?

It involves an internal reporting channel and procedure, allowing employees to report a complaint or misconduct with sufficient guarantees of independence, confidentiality, follow-up, and data protection.


At Ormit Talent, we wholeheartedly embrace this regulation. We believe in a culture where transparency, honesty, and integrity take center stage because we consider them key to a healthy and safe working environment.

Our whistleblower policy is designed to protect your identity and ensure that reports are investigated. The whistleblower policy applies to all employees of Ormit Talent in Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as other individuals acting with or providing advice to Ormit Talent.

Do you suspect or witness serious violations? Report them via the email address whistleblower@ormittalent.be.

  • Your IP address will not be stored.
  • You will receive an acknowledgment within 7 days.
  • Your report will be handled promptly and discreetly, with a guarantee of feedback within 3 months.
  • Read our complete whistleblower policy here.