Talent pool

We will help you build a talent pipeline. We recruit and develop top talents on an ongoing basis. Tailored to your company’s needs and based on your needs. This way, you have your own talent pool at your disposal.

Why a talent pool?

Ormit Talent delivers top talent. We have unique expertise and years of experience. We love talent! So we recruit and develop those special ones who fit your organisation perfectly.


Your own talent pipeline

You know where your organisation is heading. And what talents you need to get there. We deliver talent that can immediately start in your organisation.


Sustainably connected

Our talents stick with the organisations they start working for. 95% of our talents start working for the organisations after their program. After 3 to 5 years, around 80% are still there.


Recruitment and selection

Recruitment, selection, talent development, coaching, and employership. You’ve nothing to worry about. Ormit Talent takes care of it all. With our expertise and years of experience behind you, your organisation is free to focus on what it does best.


We share our expertise

We are a unique specialist in talent development. But we also want to share that expertise and experience. With your people and business managers, for example. So that they too can learn to coach and develop the talent within your organisation.

Hans Driesen

Head of Talent and Transversal Management | BNP Paribas Fortis

“The success of a traineeship consists in the level of detail you are able to reach. One can think to achieve that level by an in house development but will never reach the level that Ormit Talent gets based on its more than 20 years of experience in management development.”

Marc Van Hove

HR Director Senior Management & Talent Pools | BNP Paribas Fortis

“I am very convinced about the added value of Ormit Talent for the recruitment, selection and development of our digital leaders for the future. We consider them as a strategic partner!”


Ormit Talent brainstormen

How to be the bank for a changing world — and keep it that way

BNP Paribas Fortis is, to quote their baseline, the bank for a changing world. Today, that changing world looks more like a bullet train anchored to a rollercoaster track. It’s fintech, techfin, blockchain and disruption on all sides. They count on talents from Ormit Talent for a fresh take on things.

Invest in talent. Make the switch from constant outsourcing to a talent pipeline. 

Changes happen fast. Your company wants to move forwards. Are you looking for that one special data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, security specialist, project support officer, digital marketer or product owner? We can find them for you.
Ormit Talent viewpoint

Want to launch a traineeship? Make an impact with an Ormit Talent.

New employees who make an impact don’t just come knocking. Ormit Talent has everything you need to attract young talent that will bring change to your organization.

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