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Frequently asked questions

What type of people are you looking for?

We look for people, eager to become future leaders. People that want to leave a mark. Smart minds with an insatiable curiosity. Daredevils, digital thinkers and flexible doers. People that are eager to learn and able to connect and inspire. Open minded people, looking for feedback and personal development.

Can you help us with a work permit?

This depends on the traineeship and the client you’ll work at. Check the vacancy of the traineeship. Or just contact us to get more info.

What is the culture at Ormit Talent like?

Ormit Talent is a Best Workplace. And we are very proud of this. We are a young and dynamic company, where we treasure feedback and having fun. That’s why our slogan is “Work smart, get far”. Our Ormit Talent values explain best what we mean by this:

  • Care to dare: we challenge you a lot but always in a safe environment.
  • Eager to learn: we focus on your development and learning for a lifetime.
  • Teaming up: we believe co-creation is the recipe for success. It’s also much more fun.
  • With a twinkle: we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Will I have training with other trainees?

Yes! You will follow the trainings with your pool. This is a group of trainees that has the same coach and the same development program. Because you experience all training together and share feedback, we notice that strong personal bonds between the trainees in a pool are created. Often poolies become friends for life!

How much trainings will I have?

Our development track is what we are known for. We have a training program adapted to every traineeship. You can expect 20+ days of training. Curious to know more about the kind of training we offer in each program? Read more on our development page.

What kind of trainings does Ormit Talent give?

The Ormit Talent trainings are never just trainings. Expect trainings in the zoo, expect trying out things with the help of our actors. Our trainings are fun and always very personal. Topics we cover are always linked to leadership and people skills. Communication, situational leadership, being the change, team dynamics, … And yes, we also pay attention to your hard skills. We have some online modules, experts from the field. Never a boring moment!

What happens after my Ormit Talent contract?

At the end of your contract, you get to decide which dream to follow. That’s the beauty of launching your career with Ormit Talent. And we are there to support you! A lot of our talents start at one of the clients they felt a match with. Other pick a completely different path: freelancer, consultant, a start up, … Some stay on board and get a fixed contract as one of our consultants. Interested in a tailored traineeship where we team up with 1 company? The goal of that client is to offer you a contract. So it’s important you are motivated to work at that company when applying!

What if I find the right match during my project, can I stay?

The goal is to end your traineeship and enjoy the full journey. This means switching companies/departments/roles,… this will help you to learn and develop the most. So, we do expect you to be flexible. However, we’re thrilled if you have a crush on one of our clients. If by the end of your traineeship it’s still “top 1” in your heart, we encourage you to apply there to continue your career. You can count on our support!

Do we get paid during the traineeship?

Yes! Ormit Talent offers a competitive salary package and lots (lots!) of benefits. Think mobility budget or company car, cell phone, meal and eco vouchers, health budget. And of course: lots of training and coaching!

What kind of contract? How long is the contract?

We offer a fixed term contract for the duration of your traineeship (on average two years). But we provide grounds for a longterm career! Many of our trainees decide to start at one of our clients. Some start at Ormit Talent for the long term. And others choose another road. To help you make the right choice for you, we integrated career coaching towards the end of your traineeship.

Who are the Ormit Talent clients?

We team up with large, often international companies. Organizations that are looking for young talents that want to create instant impact. Talents, just like you. Some of our trusted clients are ArcelorMittal, Barry Callebaut, BNP Paribas Fortis, GSK, d’Ieteren, STIB/MIVB, Bpost, … An Ormit Talent traineeship offers you the best of both worlds: doing projects at big companies AND experiencing the company culture of a small organisation such as ours.

What happens when there is no project available for me?

This is only possible when you choose for a traineeship where you’ll get to meet multiple clients. When you are waiting for a project at a client, you work on internal projects, follow training etc. We definitely keep you working! Added bonus: you get to know some people of the staff even better. When you are not working at a client, we call this period “the VIP”. Don’t get to comfortable being a VIP, because it’s a status you won’t have for long. But rest assured: during your entire traineeship, on project or not, you continue to be very special for us!

How many assignments will I get?

The billion-dollar question. But not a billion different projects. The average duration of a project is 9 months. This means you do about 2 to 3 different projects. Maybe even more. Why 9 months on average? It seems long, but trust us, time flies! You will need some to learn about the client, find your way, discover your role, and… deliver results. So, we want you to have that time. And the client does too!

Do we know our projects before we sign?

Everything depends on the requests we receive from our clients during your traineeship. So, no. Even we don’t know! When we receive a client request, our team tries to find the best possible match. For all parties involved: client and trainee. But we can promise you one thing: every project will make you grow!

Can we choose our own projects?

Discovering new roles and new organizations. Developing your skills and talents. Delivering results. That’s what an Ormit Talent traineeship is all about. Your Talent Development Manager will help you in growing your comfortzone. Together with our account directors, they are responsible for the project matching. We try to find the best possible match for you. Not by swiping left. But based on your background, talents and development points! If you are in a tailored traineeship at one client, your projects will be chosen together with this client. The matching here is based on the trajectory that has been mapped out for your traineeship.

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