The Ormit Talent Greenhouse is a place where your talents as a professional can flourish. The gardeners are caring, and also confrontational. They provide you with the tools to reach your full potential. And remember: ‘If it is to be, it is up to me’.

The greenhouse offers managers and their teams challenging training, profound coaching and valuable intervision moments.

Céline Van Puymbrouck

Learning & Development Coordinator | Pauwels Consulting

“Successfully completed a first program (2020-2021) and started a 2nd flow. A tailor-made approach, high-impact training & eternal enthusiasm = always a pleasure working with Ormit Talent!”

Toon Budeners

Pauwels Consulting

“I saw a great opportunity to improve my soft skills and become a better consultant and a better employee in general. There’s no beating around the bush, you’re really confronted with yourself and triggered to quickly gain a lot of insight and work with that. I found it a very interesting course.”

Fatima Bouzrouti

Consultant Engineering Services | Pauwels Consulting

“I would definitely recommend this program to other consultants and individuals who want to develop themselves and keep learning.”

Lindsay Driesen

Pauwels Consulting

“The Greenhouse track creates a safe environment where you can dig a little deeper in the inner you and have a closer look at yourself: why do I behave, think, act like I do and what is the impact on others?  The trainers and coaches from the program are very supportive, ready to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone, respecting your boundaries. Great soft skill learning, with yourself being the first seed.”

Charlaine Buytaert

Pauwels Consulting

A personal growth on a deeper and accelerated level would take years to accomplish on your own. Thanks to this track, I have more confidence in myself, a higher awareness of my actions and words which allow me to make choises on how I want to deal with different kind of situations.

Stef Bal

Pauwels Consulting

Best training track I have ever experienced. The team format creates involvement and with trainers like Bert who know exactly what they are doing, you can’t help but develop optimally.

Gerri Degreef

Senior IT consultant | Pauwels Consulting

“To the people who think they want to take further steps in their professional life: this program will definitely help you move forward”

Why the Greenhouse?

Both the world and your business move at lightning speed. Change is everywhere. If you want your internal organisation and/or teams to truly flourish, then the greenhouse is the program that lets you sow and reap!


Over 50 participants

already enjoyed a Greenhouse program. We’ve succesfully set up programs for Pauwels Consulting and Board of Innovation.


Over 20 years of experience

with coaching and developing (young) talent. A team of specialists will provide a program that perfectly meets (and exceeds) your needs.


Two tracks

but everything is possible, really. Contact us for more information!

Track 1: Manage your own career and life

Who are you? What are your strengths and pitfalls? How do you set goals for yourself, your team and your organisation and how efficient and effective are you to obtain these goals? How do you take ownership?

This track consists of:

  • Intake
  • Personal Leadership expedition (2d)
  • Group and team dynamics (2d)
  • Habits of highly effective and happy people (2d)
  • Training of choice (1d)
  • Coaching (3 sessions)
  • Peer coaching

Track 2: Future proof people manager

How well do you know your coworkers? What energizes them? What guidance do they need to obtain their goals, growth and self satisfaction? What is your personal leadership style and what’s the effect on others?

This track consists of:

  • Intake + development assesment
  • Personal Leadership expedition (2d)
  • Communication skills (1d)
  • Situational leadership (1d)
  • Coaching skills (1d)
  • People management (1d)
  • Training of choice (1d)
  • Coaching (4 sessions)
  • Peer coaching


Also, receive 5 emails with practical tips and tricks on three domains that are relevant to every new people manager.

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