From Steps to social skills: Unleashing creativity through dance

By Francesca Orlando 

Eager to explore new dimensions of personal and professional growth through dance? This workshop that fuses the world of engineering with the art of creative movement is tailor-made for you.

Have two left feet? No problem! This workshop is crafted for individuals with zero dance experience. Our experienced teacher will guide you through a series of dynamic and creative exercises, gradually building your confidence and skills on the dance floor.

But this isn’t just about dance. It’s about transforming yourself into a well-rounded professional. Discover the power of body language in effective communication, learn the art of synchronicity for better team coordination, and experience firsthand how rhythm and timing translate into precise project management.

Course Highlights

  • Rhythmic Communication: Decode the nonverbal language of movement to enhance your interpersonal skills.
  • Team Player Choreography: Immerse yourself in collaborative dance tasks that mirror real-world team dynamics.
  • Leadership in Motion: Understand the nuances of leading and following to become a more adaptable and empathetic leader.
  • Innovative Problem Solving: Dance encourages creativity – apply this newfound skill to your work-related challenges.
  • Confidence Amplification: Witness your self-assurance soar as you conquer the dance floor and boardroom alike.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll not only find yourself moving gracefully to the rhythm but also orchestrating the symphony of social interactions and managerial finesse. Join us to explore the unexpected parallels between professional precision and the fluidity of dance, and unlock a dimension of personal and professional brilliance you never knew existed.Are you ready to dance your way to success? Let’s groove together!

Practical Information:

We dance barefoot. Wear comfortable clothes where you can move in and bring water to keep you hydrated.