6 ways to foster a deeper connection in a hybrid workforce 

Did you know that having a best friend at work makes you seven times more engaged?

Our hybrid way of working doesn’t make it easier to make meaningful connections at work, let alone friends. But, hybrid working is here to stay. So how do you maintain these connections in this new reality?

Here are 6 ways to foster a deeper connection. 






Do informal activities together

Go for a hybrid walk. Play a game. Invite each other to your favorite museum. Try something new togetherYour brain releases dopamine when trying something new. When trying something new together bonds are strengthened since it often requires being vulnerable with each other. Do your meeting in a different language or use drawings to bring your point across instead of words. 


Take the time for curious conversations

Take your time to be curious about each other. Who’s the person behind the professional role? What are fun facts about them? What are their weird habits? What’s their favorite restaurant? What is the most beautiful gift they ever received? What is on your bucket list? And what keeps them from doing this? If you do know each other that well, this School of Life card game can help you get started. 


Take responsibility when you’re wrong

Do you have the guts to admit that you were wrong? Because sometimes we are, even if we didn’t mean to. If you don’t know where to start, take inspiration from this article on how to do this in a humble way.  


Face conflict with empathy & respect

Most people avoid conflict rather than face it. So what? Frustration rises and disconnection takes place. Ask yourself, if I would be this person, why would I act in this way? Think about or ask them what drives and scares them. Only afterward, discuss the conflict. When you’re able to discuss in an honest, respectful, and assertive way, you create a solid base for psychological safety. 






Express gratitude

What has someone done or said that impressed you? How did they make you feel and why? The things you value say a lot about how you aspire to be. Make a habit out of saying thank you and giving non-physical compliments. You would be amazed to see the positive effect.  


Follow through on plans

Every time you say something and don’t follow through your credibility lowers. So next time you want to catch up soon, take your agenda and plan something on the spot. If you need to cancel, do it instantly, and don’t fall prey to procrastination.