Gen Z in your team: what you need to know

“I don’t get it, why don’t they just work our way? That’s much more efficient, right?” – Gen Zer  

Work environments for Gen Z and Gen X can seem worlds apart, sometimes leading to misunderstandings and conflicts. Yet, these differences hold immense value for businesses. Learn how to collaborate effectively with the young generation using these 5 valuable tips! 


Why Gen Z avoids your calls 

Phone calls are reserved for urgencies or personal conversations. Need quick information? Opt for a chat message via WhatsApp or Slack. Gen Z wants to choose when they respond.

Gen Zer quote: “Calling feels like trying to cross the phone line right in front of me. Wait your turn, I’ll decide when to get back to you.” 


ChatGPT as a personal assistant for Gen Z

Gen Z is used to operating at high speed. If they’re stuck at work, ChatGPT is ready with an answer. They’re particularly sensitive to time loss. Is that meeting really necessary or could it have been handled through an email? Running late for a call? Send a WhatsApp message. Explaining a new process or tool? A few screenshots in a shared document or a screen recording allow recipients to review it at their convenience. 


Feedback à la Netflix: Gen Z style

Honesty matters to Gen Z; personal development ranks high. Weekly one-on-ones help tackle challenges and find solutions together. Instead of complex 360-degree peer reviews, consider the Netflix model.

Feedback is given frequently and directly. Employ the “start-stop-continue” method to highlight specifics that are going well and areas needing improvement. This aids younger colleagues in adjusting their approach and unleashing their full potential. 


Gen Z development: guide to growth

Development is pivotal for young professionals. Outline the steps they should take and offer support (training, mentoring, workshops) to foster growth. This not only builds strong intergenerational bonds but also demonstrates your company’s commitment to their careers. Don’t underestimate Gen Z’s need for recognition and validation. 

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Gen Z’s work philosophy vs. workplace reality

This generation believes life is too short to be solely about work. Being digitally connected 24/7 makes it harder for them to separate personal and professional life. As working is relatively new for them, gauging workload can be challenging. Act as their mentor and share how you maintain work-life balance.  

“Life’s too short for a boring office”Gen Z perspective

Create a healthy environment, and embody humanity, so your team does the same. Through role modeling, show that the workplace is inclusive and respectful, not toxic or discriminatory—a place where everyone can be themselves. Reinforce this regularly. A happy employee is a productive and loyal one.

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