Human skills every data talent needs

An analytical background and curious about the universe of data? Plenty of companies are looking for talents like you! But these hard skills will only get you the job. It’s the data lovers who can translate data into insights that will make the real difference. And add value to the business.


No surprise, since we are Ormit Talent, but yes, we are talking about human skills. Discover which ones are essential for every data talent at the start of their career (or at least data career 😉)

Relentless curiosity

You want to know everything about as many things as possible. With a search mentality to keep on learning. To find the solution to the question. Persevere until you understand.

Strong communication

Would you explain your day the same way to your grandma than your best friend? Nope. The same goes for data. You’ll have to adapt your story to the audience. This requires communication skills like storytelling, active listening, empathy, … Only with these skills you’ll be able to make your visualizations speak.

Critical thinking

You are solution minded. A critical analyst that quickly recognizes errors and double checks everything. Not afraid to question things and dig deeper.

Not afraid of the mirror

You dare to look in the mirror to grow towards the best version of yourself. Constantly questioning yourself. Open for input and feedback from others. A growth mindset as they say.

Cooperative attitude

You’ll probably work in a multidisciplinary setting. Where collaboration and support are part of the deal. Your enthusiasm makes it easy to connect.

Vigorous flexibility

Data is unpredictable. And so are the related projects. Flexibility towards the unexpected/unknown is essential to succeed. You believe every setback has opportunities and are ready to explore them anytime.

Stressing out? No need… We’re pretty sure you can tick more boxes than you would initially think of. And you’re already one step ahead by reading this article. By being aware of the importance of these skills. With your motivation to develop them further on the job, you’ll grow in no time. And that’s what companies are looking for. Curious data lovers eager to become data chiefs.