Consultancy without the cons

5 reasons why you don’t want an ordinary consultant (and just as many reasons why you should hire an extraordinary one)

Pick the right one, and a consultant can really be your significant other, pitching in where your skills are lacking and thus giving you time to do what you’re really good at. Win-win. At least if you pick the right consultant. Get it wrong and you’re bound to waste time and money, plus run the risk of seeing all that built-up expertise walk right out the door once you’re done.

Here’s why hiring a consultant can go wrong – and how to not fall into the trap.

1. Extensive knowledge = expensive fee

Consultants come with copious hourly fees. That’s fine if you’ve got the right guy or gal, but if it’s no match, you’ll end up paying for a costly mistake (and a problem that may have gotten bigger instead of smaller).


Fixed day rate 

While you don’t pay for Ormit Talents’ courses, you do reap the benefits.

“With ORMIT, you just know you have quality on your hands. It helps that we make the list of requirements for each mission together. 98% of the time, their selection is spot-on. And when it isn’t, they’re quick to address any issues.”

Wim Goovaerts – Head of Market Insights & Operating Office at BNP Paribas Fortis

2. Consultants ask a lot of questions too

You hire consultants because you want answers. But getting those answers means giving your consultant access to all the knowledge in your head. Your consultant knows everything about *enter issue you’re tackling*, but you’re the one who knows your business. In other words: you’ll need to put in considerable time and effort. Indeed, it takes two to tango.


Up and running in a heartbeat

Our young talent is plug and play, ready to be as much part of the team as any other employee.

3. Consultants aren’t god

Not even McGyver. They’re only human, really. So don’t expect them to be solely responsible for turning around your company in just three sessions. You’ll need to clearly delineate your consultant’s responsibilities if you want to avoid being disappointed.


Expectation management

4 to 6 weeks in, we refocus the trainees mission and clearly delineate expectations. Something we’ll repeat every three months.

“Our trainee quickly blended into our ranks, thanks to her team spirit and dynamism, and despite today’s trying circumstances and working from home. A real asset!”

Caroline Van Geel – Marketing and Communication Manager at Febelfin Academy

4. The consultant goes, and so does the experience

So your consultant has trawled the data, talked to operator after operator and figured out a solution. You’re left with a report and a bunch of recommendations, but all the insights your consultant has gleaned, go out the door as soon as he does. Too bad.


Knowledge sharing

Ormit Talents can stay on after their assignment. And if they don’t, they’re trained to handle the hand-over without a glitch.

5. You know what to do – in theory

Your consultant has formulated all kinds of scenarios, guidelines and blueprints for the future. But when it’s time to get down and dirty – aka to actually implement the changes – your consultant is already off to the next assignment.


Training implementers

Ormit Talents know how to put together a plan and have the hands-on attitude to make it happen, too.

But it starts with finding the right match

Seeing as you and your consultant will work as a team, it’s nice to know you have a say in every step of the process, no? When we start our search for your Ormit Talent, we’ll let you in on every step of the quest. No surprises, you’re the one calling the shots.

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