Unlocking potential

The essence of coaching at Ormit Talent

Ever wondered what defines an exceptional sports coach? Is it an exhaustive lesson in mastering every technique, a relentless critique of every misstep, or perhaps a push until exhaustion? Not exactly. The true essence lies in supporting players in finding the best way for them to perform in an excellent way. And that’s also what coaching at Ormit Talent is all about: guiding you on the journey of self-development. Dive into the details below.


Build on insights from training

While Ormit Talent provides extensive soft skill training, your development doesn’t end there. Your coach takes the time to reflect on the training with you and helps you apply the acquired knowledge.

In coaching, you reflect back on what you did during the training. It allows you to dig deeper into what you learned and the coach is there to broaden your insights.

Take the Outdoor as an example. I spoke with my coach about my learnings from this training, raising awareness about the impact of some things on others and how I should take this into account. – Brend, management trainee


Get to know yourself

Personal development is about getting to know yourself better: your strengths, development points and how to address them. You have plenty of potential inside and a big part is still to be discovered. You will, together with your coach, look for ways to disclose and develop those strengths and how to become a better version of yourself.

My coach has significantly helped me grow and challenged me in difficult situations. Even on a personal level, I’ve shared many things with her, and she has been able to assist me in that regard as well. – Maxime, management trainee


Made to measure

A coaching will always be made to measure because you are unique as well.


Discuss real-life issues

Your coach will help you with practical questions such as ‘How can I collaborate with people who are different from who I am? How can I pass on a message to my manager even if he’s not around often or is not sharing my idea? How do I deal with feedback? How can I deal with change? How do I ask the right questions when I don’t have a clear understanding of what my project is about?’

He followed and supported me in my reflections; he listened, but I remained in control of my career. He was there to assist with the challenges encountered at work and to explore potential solutions. – Clara, process innovator


Support through ups & downs

Your coach is a constant support – giving you that little push you need to excel and to reach your goals. He/she will be there when you’re going through a tough period. You’ll learn how to solve a problem yourself and what to take with you from that problem, even after your traineeship. You can see coaching as a foundational toolkit for your future career, equipping you to continue your personal development journey.

If you’re going through a challenging situation, you are able to take a step back and analyze things thanks to your coach and know better how to react. Ormit Talent gives me tools to get know myself better and manage different types of situations. – Lauranne, change management trainee at Euroclear


There is no good or bad

Coaching at Ormit Talent is a judgment-free space. While it may be uncomfortable at times, embracing this vulnerability leads to profound self-discovery. It’s about understanding, embracing, and improving both strengths and weaknesses.

The coaches are really adapting to the talent in front of them. If they see that someone is really open, then they’re going to dig deeper, and if they see that someone is a bit closed, then they’re going to try to go slower. So no one’s going to force you to talk about something that you don’t want to. For me, there’s no reason to be afraid. – Pamela, management trainee

In short

At Ormit Talent, coaching is not about handing out sandwiches; it’s about teaching you how to bake your own bread. It’s not just about providing answers; it’s about empowering individuals to discover the solutions within themselves.

Ready to unlock your true potential in a safe environment?

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