We are a Great Place To Work!

We did it again! We can wear the Great Place to Work label for yet another year! And it doesn’t stop there; We won the price of number one best workplace in the smallest category!

A result we like to celebrate as a confirmation of our feedback culture, the space for jokes and the connection we build with each other. And it’s not just a label, 99% of our respondents say we truly are great, or special as we like to call it. Let’s dive into highlights and areas of growth revealed by this survey.  

What we’re proud of

Community, camaraderie & intimacy

Three sub measures of the survey on which we have a high score! Confirming the fact that we focus on culture, the connection between our talents and the fact that you can be completely yourself here. We don’t just invite our talents to do so, we celebrate it! 


This high score shows that our trainees and internal team believe that our management promotes inclusive behavior and avoids discrimination. Statements about equality regarding gender and sexual orientation score a big 100! Yay! 

Leadership behaviour

We’re proud to see our leaderships behavior is valued and perceived as in line with our strategy and values.  

Things to explore

As a company that focuses on development, we don’t just do this survey for the Great Place To Work certificate, we do it to learn from. And since these development points are also part of our culture, we share them transparently with you. No company is perfect, right? And how to we determine these points of growth? We went for everything beneath 90 (because we have to be honest, our average score is 95 on all statements so we aim high!).  

And what is below 90? Personal job, measuring how our employees perceive their individual contributions to our organization. And equity, measuring how we distribute rewards.

So, that’s our focus for 2024: more communication on how our trainees can contribute to Ormit Talent and possibly awareness about their impact while on assignment. And dive a bit deeper in this equity, to make sure we all feel valued.  

Are you looking for a place where you’ll be happy to set your alarm for?

Where you’ll love Mondays as much as Fridays? Join us at Ormit Talent, a great place to work!