What does personal leadership mean to you?

Leadership, personal leadership or self-leadership. As a future leader you get these words thrown at you every day. Also by us. But what do they mean exactly?

Part 2: personal leadership.



We asked a number of trainees and a manager what leadership means to them. Then we ran their answers by An De Bondt, Head of Traineeships at Ormit Talent.

“Before I joined Ormit Talent, I had this plan to become an HR manager at an SME. I determined a route to get there but along the way, I discovered I had to adjust my goal. Some things gave me more energy than others. So it made more sense to focus on them. That goes hand in hand with personal leadership.”


Nicely put. You keep evolving and can change or adjust  learned behaviour. There’s a tremendous power in focusing on your talents and strengths. Further developing and using them will help you be successful.

That’s a really strong one. If you know that talking in front of a group is not your cup of tea but you’re good in one-on-one conversations? Use it to your advantage. Try to convince people in individual conversations first. That’s how you focus on your talent to achieve a goal.

Personal leadership is a more than ownership but it’s a very important element. One of the Ormit Talent core values is care to dare. It’s about caring enough about something to put your neck on the line. And it all starts with you.

Full control of your life is impossible. You have to know how to let go and let it be. What’s within your control and what’s not. Otherwise you’ll keep running into walls and get discouraged or frustrated. Accepting will get you past the frustration.

Very strong, on one condition. Your plans should always be achievable. Usually, small steps to get somewhere are more efficient than big leaps. A plan will mark the horizon. But if things aren’t going according to plan, dare to adjust. There’s more than one way to reach the mark.“

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