What is a traineeship?

You are (almost) there. That diploma is yours or at least it’s within reach. And people start to ask you: “So, what is your next step going to be?” You are maybe even getting fed up with the question. After all, it’s not an easy one to answer, no? Well, we might have one ready for you. Ever thought of a traineeship as your next career step?

Find out in 3 steps what a traineeship exactly is. It might be something for you!


A traineeship is a paid position

In fact, the definition of a traineeship is quite simple: a junior position where you combine working with a development program. The duration of a traineeship is variable from one company to another. It can last from 3 months up to 3 years. It’s important that there is a well-defined period for the traineeship.

A traineeship, contrary to most internships, is a real job. You have to sign a contract. You have to follow company guidelines. And luckily, there is also a salary. Yes! In a traineeship you get paid to learn. The perfect world!


A traineeship is a learning opportunity

A traineeship is a proven formula to kick start your career. It offers you the possibility to learn loads in a short period of time. You learn about yourself, the work environment, company cultures, …

Obviously, you already learned a lot during your studies. And that knowledge is valuable. But, it’s all quite theoretical. A traineeship gives you the opportunity to transfer that knowledge into practice. And more! Companies that offer traineeships, spend 10 to 15% of the time of a traineeship on development. A program designed around hard and soft skill development. Bootcamps, crash courses, development tracks, … Companies are quite creative when it comes to naming their intensive courses. Because these courses are also totally different from the (often boring) ones you experienced so far.


A traineeship is a good preparation

So, a traineeship, what is it preparing you for? Big companies and authorities often use traineeships to discover and hire young talents just like you. During the traineeship, they develop you to become a manager or a specialist. You get to learn the ropes from within. And you can build a network. At the end, usually they have a job in store for you. A position within that department that gives you the most energy. And where you can have most added value for the company.

But maybe you really don’t know which way to go career wise. Even then, a traineeship could be something for you. There are traineeships that have a more general approach, not directly linked to just one company. The organisations behind these traineeships hire you and look for suitable projects within their client portfolio. Projects that suit you because you sometimes have the ideal knowledge and skills set for a project. Often because these projects will have real learning opportunities for you. These kinds of traineeships give you the chance to discover new worlds. Different functions, various company cultures. And you might even discover the one that suits you best.

Have we piqued your curiosity about traineeships? Don’t forget to check how you can recognize a top traineeship. The perfect preparation to pick the best traineeship for you. We want you to choose what’s best for you. Who knows… it might even be Ormit Talent!