Your CV, your story:

The guide to standing out

When you are applying for jobs, everything starts with a well-crafted resume. Since you probably already read some articles on how to build an impactful resume, we’re bypassing the usual advice. No generic suggestions like “add your language levels” here, but tips on how you can create a CV that reflects your professional identity. Yes, we’ll dig deeper into how to inject your personality, impact and individuality into every facet of your CV.  

Our tips to make a resume that is more than a piece of paper, one that reflects your story:

1. Less is more

Your CV isn’t a marathon, it’s a sprint. One page is the goal. So pack it with information that screams ‘you’. Way more to tell? Ok. OK. If it is really necessary, you can go for two pages, but re read them and delete all the typical fuzz.  

2. Your personal brand

Not surprising for sure, but we’re not talking colors, but a glimpse of your unique side through hobbies and interests. Bungee jumping can fit your daring personality for example. Or drawing confirms your creativity. 

3. Tailor it

Kick off with a summary that screams for attention. Who are you? What are your dreams? How does your vibe align with the company culture? Also a part you can use to tailor your personality to the company btw.  

4. Share what fuels you

From hobbies to life philosophies, these details sketch a fuller picture, perhaps connecting dots with like-minded souls across the table. Yes, being a scout leader can showcase leadership potential. 

5. See it as a mirror

Your resume must mirror what you say. Creative? Make sure it shows in your design and layout. Detail oriented? That typo might claim otherwise. Structured? Your resume’s organization must reflect just that.

6. Storytelling

Don’t think in boxes, make your CV a storybook. Make it a journey that invites readers to read further about your background, passions and challenges. 

7. Give them a glimpse

A picture isn’t mandatory, but it’s a window to your world. Whether it’s your style or smile, it speaks volumes before you say a word. 

Voila, that’s it. Our tips to transform your resume into a showcase of the real you. Ready to start your first challenge? Send us your resume and who knows your personality might match ours. Still stuck and in need for some more typical tips? Download our CV checklist.