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ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading supplier of innovative and sustainable steel products for a wide range of applications (e.g. automotive, construction, household appliances). The company is present in 60 countries and has production sites in 19 countries.

The context

ScaleUp is an ambitious and unique European Supply Chain project. It wants to set up harmonized supply chain processes and tools for ArcelorMittal on a European level by respecting Industry 4.0 standards and where optimization, centralization, and automation are key. To obtain this goal, a business team of 25 employees and a dedicated IT workforce of over 150 professionals work hard to get the job done. To enforce the business team, and to assure long-term continuity, ArcelorMittal asked Ormit Talent to set up a dedicated traineeship.

A dedicated traineeship – discover, develop, deliver. 


The purpose of an Ormit Talent traineeship is to create a durable relationship between the trainees and the company. Ormit Talent recruits and selects talent that matches ArcelorMittal’s specific needs: fitting and highly competent candidates for future positions within the company. Additionally, Ormit Talent creates a tailor-made development program to assure rapid growth of these talents in the right direction. The design and implementation of the traineeship are always done in co-creation. Knowledge sharing and using each other’s expertise are critical success factors to do so. At the end of the traineeship, both ArcelorMittal and the trainees assess whether there is a long-term fit. If the answer is ‘yes’ ArcelorMittal hires the trainee.

Scope of the traineeship – what did we do

The five Ormit Talent trainees contributed to the digital transformation of supply chain in ArcelorMittal flat Europe. As the project was already ongoing for two years, the Ormit Talents needed to be able to pick up the speed and become valuable team members within the shortest time possible. All the knowledge shared during the program is protected within the project.

Each of the five trainees was assigned to a different assignment manager that could share their business knowledge and organizational view. The trainees got responsibilities such as steering IT discussions in a Scrum/ Agile way, helping define the requirements and assuring that milestones are met. From the start, they were considered as full-fledged counterparts of the Product Owner in this challenging and complex environment. With their fresh look, these young dedicated talents gave a different dimension to the project.

The unexpected twist – how Covid19 impacted this project


Covid-19 impacted this major project of ArcelorMittal. As a result, the development of certain domains was temporarily put on hold. The organization of the team was reshuffled. At that time, Ormit Talent and ArcelorMittal collaborated closely to fit the trainees in the changing environment.

This was a challenge for the assignment managers and gave them time to reflect on their induction processes, new impulses to come, and perhaps improvement points. Thanks to the support of Ormit Talent, a culture of feedback evolved in ArcelorMittal. Trainees and assignment managers both worked towards an open-minded environment where the development of soft skills is appreciated.

It was a twist that the trainees could not have anticipated. Nevertheless, they took the new assignment with great commitment. The trainees have shown a lot of flexibility and maturity in doing so. Today, all trainees are actively present in the project team and seen as equal team members.

The outcome 

With the support of their ArcelorMittal assignment manager, Ormit Talent coach, and Ormit Talent training (e.g. Communication, Scrum & Agile, and Stakeholder Management), the trainees evolved into real professionals creating remarkable added value. During their traineeship, they brought enthusiasm and energy to the team.

Today three out of five trainees are officially on board at ArcelorMittal. They are ready to play a crucial role in the ScaleUp project and have the potential to become the next leaders of the company. This dedicated traineeship being a success story, ArcelorMittal decided to launch a second traineeship with OrmitTtalent.

Up to the next!

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