Case VDFin: Towards smarter data processing thanks to machine learning

Every day, companies collect a whole lot of data. Most of them are aware of the importance of an elaborate database. But how to make that data accessible and easy to use for every employee? With a hattrick — a golden combination of data skills, data tools, and a human touch. Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance (VDFin) elevated their data processing to a whole new level with a traineeship involving young Ormit Talents with a knack for data.

The client: Volkswagen D’Ieteren Finance

VDFin is a mobility partner for companies and private individuals. Among other things, they offer a broad range of leasing cars and run a mobility service for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.


The assignment: Developing a Power BI dashboard based on machine learning

To set a correct price for their used vehicles, VDFin wanted to use machine learning. This is a smart form of data analysis that trawls through all the available data to make systems work better. The challenge was to develop a Power BI dashboard that helped price managers pin the right price. Secondly, VDFin needed a dashboard that would keep track of the KPIs of all the different departments in the Used Cars Center. In short, the car dealer was looking for data talent with machine learning experience to temporarily join their team.

Our approach


Let’s talk about you

During an intake meeting, we took the time to carefully map VDFin’s needs. What kind of data profile would they benefit from? How do they work? What are their expectations? To us, that input was primordial to match them to the right talent for this assignment.


Meet & greet your datatalent

After screening our talent pool, we set our sights on Jeremy, a young potential brimming with data skills. We planned a first meeting with him and VDFin to introduce them to one another. An opportunity for VDFin to ask questions and for Jeremy to sign off on the job.


Work in progress

During the whole process, Jeremy was as much part of the team as any of his colleagues. To know which data sources the price managers used, he started with observations. Next, he used the insights he had gathered to develop algorithms and a dashboard. To boost his personal development, Jeremy had a monthly training to make sure his work was aligned with VDFin’s expectations and recalibrate where necessary.


Data in action

As soon as the dashboard was up and running, Jeremy briefed a new VDFin employee on how to use it. This smooth transition allowed the company to get to work with their data independently and perform their own updates. After all this, we had a debrief with the client and Jeremy was prepped for his next data project.

The result: A bridge between pricing data and pricing managers

After a few months, the dashboard was fully operational. Thanks to Jeremy’s fresh new take on things, VDFin was able to bridge the gap between relevant pricing data and their price managers, making estimations both sharper and easier. To boot, the KPI dashboard allowed for an overview of all the department’s activities. Jeremy, too, got a whole lot out of this project. He deepened his expertise in data processing and machine learning, made an impact on VDFin and made progress in his personal development. That’s what we call a win-win!

“I learned a lot from this project. While I gained experience in machine learning, I also grew as a professional and as a person. ORMIT’s training helped me to better understand myself. I’ve learned to really reflect on myself and my job.”

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