Clara @ Belfius

And so, it’s a wrap. Two years have flown by, and today marks the end of my journey as a trainee at Ormit Talent. What a ride! It’s hard to know where to begin in describing the experience this family can bring to your life.

Amidst the whirlwind of emotions reflecting on my journey, I’ll hold back the tears and start with the most obvious: Ormit Talent has given me a professional experience.

01 La classique : Ormit Talent, a professional experience.

For two years, I navigated through three different departments at Belfius, delving into three rather diverse projects. I got to explore various facets of a company and different roles.

Business Consultant

A mission that focused more on organisation, where I coordinated teams working on similar products. I analyzed and improved flows to ensure products were tracked efficiently, aiming to avoid transaction errors.

Business Analyst

A more technical and analytical mission. I dissected and analyzed a reporting process for the tax authoroties. It was previously 100% manual, and considering regulations and stakeholders, I identified problems, presented solutions, and outlined business requirements for a new application. Today, an application has been developed based on my work, which is quite satisfying.

People & Change Consultant

My third mission deviated a bit from the usual path. I was fortunate to have an almost tailor-made assignment! Within a support team, I explored people and change management.
I developed a creative training plan for team managers and new collaborators to integrate a culture of change and peer coaching in back-office teams. I conducted workshops and exercises with a team of future managers to develop soft skills, learning not only a lot of new professional skill but, more importantly, human skills. I enjoyed the more analytical business side that allows me to focus in my little bubble, but I also appreciate the people side, equally important because you can’t have a business without people.
Simultaneously, in tandem, I also had the opportunity to set up working groups to address the issue of knowledge loss within teams linked to turnover and retirements, a theme that affects many other companies and is also close to human concerns.


Ormit Talent, a nest of golden friends

There’s your coach first (hello Yannick), whom I thank from the bottom of my heart. He accompanied me throughout these two years, listened when I tried to explain what was going on in my head, listened when I cried (a lot), challenged and supported me in my actions. A presence and support that had a significant impact on my development and for the continuation of my career.

Then, there’s the Ormit Talent context, your colleagues, events, and trainings. It’s up to you to decide how much commitment you want to put in; you steer your career, but it’s a nurturing environment where you can discover and develop your comfort zone, learn new methodologies and concepts—a rare climate at the beginning of a career.

And most importantly, you make friends who melt your heart. I am so grateful for the friendships that have blossomed within the walls of Ormit. THANK YOU.


Opening Pandora's box: Yourself.

Beyond discovering my professional preferences, I genuinely learned to discover myself and be aware of my personality, strengths, areas for improvement, and, importantly, accept them (a work in progress, not that easy). I discovered how my fears prevented me from taking certain initiatives and expanding my comfort zone. I became aware of them and do my best to work with them daily.

I also discovered that it’s worth being oneself in a traditional company and daring to think out of the box, believe in it, and persist in that direction—it pays off in the end. You may lose a few feathers along the way, but you never regret following your intuition. This was probably the most challenging part for me in these two years: sharing a part of myself, showing vulnerability and authenticity. I went through a lot of changes in my personal life at the same time as my traineeship, and the personal development I gained through Ormit Talent really helped me navigate these changes and manage relational and family situations. I learned to speak for myself and express my needs and wants.

Ormit Talent trainee presenting

In the end, I am proud of my development after this journey. I gave myself 3000% in personal development during my traineeship at Ormit; everyone gives it the space they want to give. I think without Ormit, I wouldn’t have given it as much space, and now I leave with an immense knowledge baggage about myself. I am not the same person I was before starting Ormit two years ago. So yes, this is the end, but not really. This is the end of a chapter.

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