How the Ormit Talent network boosted Pieter’s career

(and still does)

From technical knowledge to all-round professional 


Pieter Van Geite began his IT career at a company that primarily valued technical skills. Although he learned a lot there, he felt he needed more to truly grow. He found that growth at Ormit Talent, where he developed from IT professional to all-round leader. “My career would have looked very different if I hadn’t chosen Ormit Talent.” 

“At Ormit Talent, I discovered that a successful career requires more than just technical knowledge,” says Pieter. “Leadership, communication, self-reflection – these are the skills that really propel you forward.” 

Ormit Talent’s focus on personal development was a revelation for Pieter. “I came back from training sessions full of new insights and energy,” he says. “It was an investment in myself that I wouldn’t have received anywhere else. In the consultancy world, billable hours often take precedence over investing in personal development.” 

He especially recalls the training on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which he describes as “one of the most inspiring trainings ever.This three-day training on personal leadership was an intensive experience full of emotional and educational moments. “We did a powerful exercise that helped us think about what really matters in life and how to make a lasting impact,” says Pieter. 

A network as a stepping stone and safety net

Pieter’s first assignment through Ormit Talent, at Magotteaux, was a success thanks to the support of the network. “I received guidance from experienced Ormit Talent alumni and quickly grew into a leadership role,” he says. He emphasizes the importance of the right match between talent and company: “At Magotteaux, they were happy, I was super happy, so there was no reason for either side to change.” 


The network also led to an unexpected collaboration with Toon, another Ormit talent. “We went on a project together to Brazil. That was an amazing experience I couldn’t have had anywhere else.” 

A valuable lesson for young professionals 


Pieter’s advice to young professionals is clear: Embrace the opportunities you get to develop yourself. Technical knowledge is important, but my soft skills and strong network have had the real impact on my career.” He also emphasizes the importance of being fully present in every training and moment: “Seize the day. Be present and make the most of it.” 

A lasting impact

Years after his traineeship, Pieter is still actively involved in the Ormit Talent network. He continues to work with new Ormit talents today. “The Ormit Talent network remains valuable, even long after your traineeship is over,” he says.