Ormit Talent, Euroclear and Wemanity join forces

The result? A change management traineeship. A cooperation between Ormit Talent, Euroclear & Wemanity.

The goal? Develop the digital talent of tomorrow.

How? Ormit Talent provides training and coaching on people and leadership skills. Wemanity takes care of the hard skills part: customer centricity, agility, change management, … And Euroclear? They give a lot of opportunities to further develop all your skills on the job. And you can impact their digital transformation.

What you’ll love about each of them? We asked Jens Desmet & Alexander Suykens. Both currently consultants at Wemanity. Both working on projects at Euroclear. Both Ormit Talent alumni.

How would you describe the culture at Euroclear?

A positive environment, with a lot of growth potential for young talents. And a big global vibe! Each meeting you get in touch with different cultures. You meet people from India, Poland, the US, …

As a big financial infrastructure provider, Euroclear takes care of many processes, critical for our economy. Therefore, stability, reliability, and trustworthiness are very important values. That sometimes creates barriers to change. But people at Euroclear also love moving forward. They keep improving their systems and constantly look for new and better ways of working.


Who would be the ideal match for this traineeship?

Young talents that love complexity and problem-solving. Especially if you just love to shake things up. Not afraid of stakeholder management? Great! A good and frequent communicator? Even better!

Euroclear can be a challenging environment. So, they are looking for talents who are curious to discover and change one of the biggest financial institutions. Creative change drivers with a learning mindset. Driven to develop themselves at a high pace. In short, dare devils ready to leave their mark on digitalization.


What is the role of Wemanity in this traineeship?

In one word: training. The focus of the Wemanity trainings is hard skills.  Agility, change management and customer-centricity. But they go beyond the classical, theoretical training. There is a big focus on practical exercises and on the real-life challenges trainees experience. To complete the mix? They also facilitate obtaining some certificates (e.g. Scrum).

Which kind of projects will trainees do?

Assignments are not set in stone. Euroclear is a dynamic organization after all. Important criteria to decide on assignments? Obviously, the available opportunities within the company. But also, the trainee’s interest.

Concretely? An assignment could be to support squads in their migration to agile. You support the agile coach, manage the SharePoint site, reply to questions coming from the squads etc. In another assignment you can be asked to make a dashboard for IT management. You learn to work with PowerBI in order to make nice and user-friendly reports. Making an analysis of the existing competencies in IT can also be a challenging assignment. But an important one! It allows to reveal the gaps with the future needs of the organization. Even a role as Business Analyst is a possibility.

You really get to know the ins and outs of the entire IT department: Innovation, Digital, Infrastructure or Business Services.

And what about people skills?

That’s where Ormit Talent comes in! Ormit Talent provides training in people skills, such as effective communication, and stakeholder management. And many, many more!  And coaching of course. With the support of your Talent Development Manager, you really discover more about yourself. What do I love? What are my development points? Why do I do things in a certain way? … It helps to land in a function that fits you by the end of your traineeship!

You want a career in digital transformation? The Ormit Talent change management traineeship at Euroclear is the best kickstart! According to Jens and Alexander, it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity. A unique experience where two companies combine their expertise. And provide over 50 days of training. Euroclear might not be that well known. They are THE finance company of Belgium. With many global contact points. Imagine the reach of your network after doing such a traineeship…


Sounds like something for you?

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