Wouter & Sylvie about their internal data assignment

We believe data is the new gold, not just within our data traineeship but as well for our own company. That’s why we love it when our data trainees spend some time on the VIP. 


What’s VIP you ask? It’s a period in between two assignments where you become part of our internal team for dedicated projects. For our data trainees that means that they help us to improve our data maturity level while they develop specific new skills.

Wouter and Sylvie for example created a brand-new data case that is used during the assessment of future Data Chiefs. An assignment where they learned that data is everywhere, even in a selection process.

Discover how they created an assessment exercise by using time series forecasting in Python in the video below.

Their key learnings:

💡 Simulating a data set with the use of time series forecasting in Python
💡 Working with data requires loads of people skills
💡 Knowing your own talents makes the difference
💡 Involving others in areas you’re less strong in gets you further

So yes, you’ll grow each step during the journey. On assignments at our beloved customers, or even on dedicated ones at Ormit Talent. One thing is for sure: you’ll never be without an assignment 😉