Deliver impact in different assignments & roles 

Ask managers where they learn most and they will all say “through experiences in life and on the job”. That’s right – leadership, and especially personal leadership, is all about diving into action and learning from what you experience.  

And that’s exactly what our traineeships are about: gaining experience. Not just one, but 2 – 4 ! The best way to learn a lot in a limited amount of time! We’re talking two years of growth that would take five years elsewhere. Ready to leave your mark on everything that comes your way? 


01 Hop jobs


No matter which traineeship you pick, you’ll rotate between multiple assignments. Giving you the opportunity to discover multiple teams, roles, managers, … Just to name a few. And guess what? In some of our traineeships, you even get the chance to rotate between multiple companies and domains. You’ll be exposed to a diverse range of responsibilities, boosting your expertise and your skill set. Yes, we’re talking people and hard skills. But rotation is smart for plenty other reasons. Let’s break it down:  

Discover your match 

Each assignment is like adding a puzzle piece to your bigger picture of how companies operate and which management approach, company culture, team, … fits your personality.   

Grow your network 

Prepare to bump into fascinating turtles – oops, I mean people! Trust us, a well-connected network is your golden ticket for your future career.  

Discover your passions

The “Aha!”-moment in each assignment. Trying new things in-and outside your comfort zone will push you to see things in perspective. You’ll discover more about your strengths and what makes your heart skip a beat.

Become agile

The world changes fast. So expertise alone is not enough. Rotation will school you in adapting quickly to new challenges and embracing change. Vital skills in today’s dynamic environment!

02 Impactful projects


We promise challenging assignments with immediate impact. But what is impact according to us? It can be bigger things like improving supply chain processes, sales forecasting in the auto industry, and improving business through machine learning. But it is not limited to these big assignments and ‘wow’ moments. We believe impact goes beyond the end result can be throughout the entire process.. Impact can be even more when consider the entire process. It can manifest in seemingly small actions, such as harmonizing people in a meeting or inspiring others to engage in self-reflection. Also impact in our dictionary! 

So, when we talk about delivering, it means giving your absolute best. This involves having the courage to explore uncharted territories, taking calculated risks, and embracing continuous learning.  

Seems too good to be true? Just have a chat with our trainees about the word impact. They will tell you about their growth and how they leave a lasting mark long after they’ve moved on. Our clients know it – our trainees create impact with their fresh perspective and hunger to learn like no other!    

To afraid to ask? No worries, we did it for you: 

Lander – Data Trainee 

My first assignment was at Aluminium Duffel. At the beginning, the main goal was to reduce the workload of the employees through automation and reporting. I introduced tools that made this possible, like PowerQuery & PowerBI, and I am writing an advisory report about processes that could be further automated. I’m also working on developing a mass balance tool that can help us respond quickly to customer requirements. It’s really exciting because this is quite new in the aliminium industry. I see my main impact as being an advocate for data and its power within the company. Several people approach me with questions about the possibilities of data, and it makes me feel like I’ve planted some seeds. Seeds that will hopefully grow into a strong automation of their work and smarter use of insights based on data. It has been a real eye-opener for me in terms of business: start with small initiatives to initiate change and use communication skills to persuade others. 

Maxime – Management Trainee 

During my first assignment at D’Ieteren Volkswagen, I had the privilege of working closely with the director, the sales pricing planning manager, the field operation manager, and the fleet manager. The mission focused on data, which was new to me, but it turned out to be a fantastic chance to learn and grow. I tackled multiple tasks: sales forecasting, setting objectives, financial margin and ratio calculations, dealership network management, delivery logistics, and customer satisfaction, among others. Through this experience, I developed a more proactive approach to problem-solving and improved my communication skills in addressing issues. Even though my data skills were still a work in progress, I do believe my contributions made an impact. 

Moving on to my second assignment, I supported Johnson & Johnson in the implementation of a new cold chain system. As a PMO, I was mainly responsible to support the project manager. A role that gave me visibility and a chance to peek into the pharmaceutical world. 

Lauranne – Change Management Trainee 

When I applied for the change management traineeship at Euroclear, I was a bit scared that it would be more like an internship, following people. But this is not the case. They really try to challenge me. For example, my role as a scrum master. In the beginning, I mainly cooperated and followed other scrum masters, but now I really have my own team. Clearly seeing my impact each time I facilitate a meeting for example.

Ruben – Supply Chain Consultant 

Together with other consultants, our main goal was to improve the relationship between the planning department and Quality Control across 16 sites worldwide. My main responsibilities included giving regular updates to stakeholders, KPI’s and data validation. This project offered me the opportunity to travel to Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands. I loved the autonomy, close relationships with stakeholders and it definitely boosted my personal growth.  

Juline – Management Trainee 

In my last assignment, I was part of the clinical laboratory sciences department at GSK. As a program manager, my role consisted of two parts: project management and issue management. My responsibilities? Facilitation & organization of workshops, roadmap & Gantt chart creation, alignment between multiple departments, issue logging, … This wide variety of tasks and responsibilities combined with my wonderful colleagues, make this my favorite project so far.  

Andy – IT trainee 

I am currently working on the development of user stories based on the business needs. This means I analyze the current code to see if we can reuse parts, what we need to adapt and if those adaptation will impact other components. As you can see, some experience with coding comes in handy, yes. But it is more than that! I am in contact with the business a lot, so communication skills and a healthy interest in the business aspect are useful too. I feel like my responsibilities are growing and the content of my job comes closer to the role of an IT analyst. 

Jens – Management Trainee 

When you start working for a client, you are the new kid in town. But you also have a new, unbiased perspective. During my assignment, I quickly noticed that they spend a lot of money on market data. A huge data stream, but not always used efficiently. I gathered and transformed all these data from various sources into one dashboard. And by visualizing them, we could also analyze them. I used existing data and existing ways of working. But I combined them into something new. And I even didn’t have to invent the wheel. 

This way, I could make a real contribution to the business. I used my fresh perspective to see what was available. I analyzed what could be improved. All I had to do next was to pluck up the courage to present my findings and propose my plan. Guess what… It worked! The result? I left a happy , better customer. And maybe somehow even left the world a (slightly) better place. 

03 Assignment cycle

No throwing you into the deep end here – we’ve got your back every step of the way! That’s why we’ve designed the “assignment cycle” – regular feedback sessions within each assignment, involving your Talent Development Manager (TDM), and your client’s manager.  

The main purpose? A focus on your personal development, performance management and assuring you gain valuable experience. We kickstart by clearly defining assignment details, objectives, and competencies. This aligns everyone and pinpoints your development goals and challenged competencies. During the assignment, there are regular check-ins with the client and your TDM to assess progress and provide open, constructive feedback for continuous growth.  

With each new assignment, you’ll embark on a fresh cycle, where your coach plays a crucial role. With each new assignment, your coach plays a crucial role in supporting your development objectives and progress, facilitating open and transparent exchangesempowering you to reach your full potential.  

04 Internal assignments


In some traineeships, our rotation system might create small gaps between assignments. According to us a unique opportunity to influence Ormit Talent from within by becoming a temporary member of our internal team, , which we call “the staff”. 

You’ll get to work on an assignment chosen from a list of options. Yes, you can choose yourself – but we will always encourage you to embrace a challenge. To step outside your comfort zone – the zone where we believe you’ll grow faster personally and in the content. Don’t worry; the list is brimming with internal challenges that allow you to create a significant impact.  

And again, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let’s dig into some internal projects:


The past year, the marketing team invested a lot in the marketing strategy of the company. A new strategy asks for KPI’s and analytics. Since each channel has its own dashboard, the results of a campaign were spread over multiple visuals, making it hard to analyze a campaign that ran over multiple channels. That’s why they asked me to build a dashboard that combined all data sources. 

The main goal and added-value of it would be the capability of cross-analysis between campaigns and results from one channel to another, offering this general perspective on how the marketing efforts are paying off. 


During the gaps between assignments, I contributed to an internal project at Ormit Talent. I chose to work within recruitment & selection, an unfamiliar area for me, and the project involved HubSpot and automation of recruitment processes. I took the lead in critically reviewing the existing HubSpot practices, aiming to identify areas for improvement. With the support of the R&S team, I successfully enhanced certain processes, laying the groundwork for a more efficient and sustainable approach. 

The level of autonomy and trust I received allowed me to break down the project into manageable tasks, ensuring effective prioritization. The R&S team encouraged me to bring my own ideas to the table. During this internal assignment, I developed hard skills in HubSpot and process modeling, and also improved my soft skills through collaboration with the HR team.  

Moreover, the project provided invaluable insights into internal talent acquisition strategies and Ormit Talent! I felt truly integrated into the HR team and got to collaborate with unique and creative minds that continually challenged my creative thinking. The HR team really operates with open communication, embracing diverse perspectives, while providing a safe space for personal growth. I truly enjoyed that I felt more connected to Ormit as well throughout & after the project! 

Lorine & Brend

Our internal assignment revolved around contributing to the development of the new training portal, StudyTube. This entailed transferring existing training modules to the new platform, but alsoenriching and expanding them. We collaborated closely with trainers to find the common thread and created engaging content in all forms – tekst, interactive video’s, … , As the project progressed, we also strategized the launch of the new portal, ensuring our involvement from start to finish. 

This collaborative effort resulted in training programs that were not only improved but also significantly more interactive, enhancing the learning experience for trainees. On the go, trainers acknowledged our impact due to our creative input and critical questions. The skills we learned? Definitely teamwork since so many people where involved. We learned about the value of teamwork and constructive feedback. Brainstorming and discussion often led to more refined and innovative ideas. Additionaly, we developed graphic design skills, content writing and plenty more!   

We hope the new platform will improve the learning experience of trainees, boosting their enthusiasm for the training itself. Can’t wait to see the results!   

Ready to learn by doing?

To step out of your comfort zone and to learn by reflecting on your experiences? Do it the smart way! With one of your traineeship that will make you love Monday.