Develop. Together with us.

Unique talents should be embraced. Ripened like special brews. Fed. Tickled. Given space. Shown the way. But they also should hit a wall now and then. Or get a kick in the … 

That’s our vision on getting the most out of your talent. So read on about how we get to the bottom of your personality, skills and talents. About challenging projects at top notch organizations. About training and coaching from experienced professionals. That’s how you unleash yourself. And make more progress in 2 years than you would in five years elsewhere.  

“Ormit is good at getting you out of your comfort zone but with a safety net.”

– Lauranne, trainee @Euroclear

01. By Doing

Get ready to be challenged with exciting assignments. At Ormit Talent, learning is all about embracing trial and error and stepping out of your comfort zone. Each of our traineeships offers the opportunity to rotate through various roles within one company or multiple ones. This exposure to different tasks and responsibilities will allow you to learn diverse subject matters and develop a wide range of skills. Oh, and let’s not forget the chance to unleash your superpowers and create a real impact that leaves a lasting mark. Imagine yourself joining renowned companies like Vinçotte, BNP Paribas Fortis, Bpost and GSK—just imagine how impressive that will look on your CV! 

“During my last project I was dealing with several stakeholders, each with their own agendas and needs. I learnt to manage expectations. I developed my communication skills, and focused on improving the knowledge flow between parties.” – Corentin Licoppe 

02. Training

You can’t know everything. But you can surely learn a lot. And learning always beats knowing. That’s why we offer lots of training. One day a month. At least. Live. Interactive, practical and sometimes even with a little bit of acting (yes, you read that right!). Plus, plenty of e-learning to supplement your growth journey!  

Here’s the kicker though: the world moves faster than a turtle on a skateboard. Or in human words: In this constantly evolving world, people skills will make the difference and can’t be learned by machines (at least not for now?). So that’s our focus during your traineeship. Skills that will empower you to quickly acquire new knowledge, stay on track with changes, and truly make an impact both in companies and in your career. But no worries, we got your hard skills covered too. 



“The subjects are more about soft skills and personal development which I find way more interesting for us now at the beginning of our career.” – Jade 

What you’ll learn, you ask? A lot! Depending on the traineeship you pick, this can be different, but here are some of the favourite ones of our trainees (and ourselves). 

Some trainings where you’ll grow:

The essence of leadership by Covey

Successful people, in business as private, have something in common: they know their ‘true north’ aka who they are and what they want and align their actions with their end goal. That’s where the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ come in. In this training, you’ll learn more about your inner compass and the science of happiness 

Communication Marathon

Effective communication is crucial as a manager. In this marathon with on-and offline training, you’ll learn more about effective communication concerning feedback, levels of communication, and dealing with conflict, … Not in the books, but by practicing with our professional actors.  


“We could experience different styles of conflict resolution and you could experience something you wouldn’t normally use and put yourself in situations you wouldn’t normally have been into. “ Lauranne 

Stakeholder Management & Politics in Organizations

Politics is a monkey business. That’s why we do this training at the Zoo. To study the stakeholder mechanisms in a group of monkeys and recognize patterns that exist in business life as well. What you’ll learn? Stakeholder analysis and how to draft an action plan on how to deal with stakeholders.  

The art of storytelling

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. During this training, different story strategies and techniques are practiced and applied to sharpen your presentation skills. How will you practice it? That’s a secret. 😉  

Stress & Resilience

People experience stress in different ways and for different reasons. This training will help you to discover your own stressors and symptoms. Your energizers and drainers and how to balance them. You are introduced to basic techniques aimed at preventing and reducing excessive stress. 

Design Thinking

We live in a constantly changing world where innovation is key. That’s why we introduce you in the world of Design Thinking, a human-driven method to create innovative products or services that center around people. Discover the steps of this methodology and how to integrate it at work.  

Being the change

Taking the back seat is not a good idea when change is happening. You’ll discover more about your reaction to change, how to deal with change resistance and how to influence others. Pretty sure, you’ll become an early adopter after this one.  


“The training focuses on overcoming resistance to change and building alliances to gain majority adoption. It’s a dynamic topic applicable to both personal and professional life, emphasizing a positive view of change as a stepping stone. This approach helps me dispel fears, offer advice, and maintain a critical perspective.


+ More

All of this is just a taste of the range of training sessions we offer. Our development program is tailored to the programme of your choosing and aims to boost your growth in both hard and soft skills. Tons of training to boost your growth, that’s for sure. And we didn’t even mention the favourite training of our trainees (or at least most of them): the outdoor. A training that we love to keep a bit mysterious, but we can tell you why they love it so much.  


“ It is a moment where you get to connect with your poolies while learning to be vulnerable. I really discovered a lot about myself and others. I realized that we are all different and that you have to take a lot of things into account to understand others.” – Clara

03. Coaching

Check the mirror held by our Talent Development Managers aka coaches. Who listen and ask the right questions. So you can learn more about yourself: what your good at and where you can grow. What gives you energy and what doesn’t . 

Your coach also shows the way. On how your talents move people. They’ll inspire you to go the extra mile, ensuring your projects leave a lasting impression. 

But it doesn’t end there. At Ormit Talent, we’re committed to your long-term success. As you approach the end of your traineeship, we go the extra mile by providing dedicated career coaching. Your coach will stimulate and support you in making the right choices for your next career move.  

“Intervision: we come together and coach each other within our pool on a problematic situation we encounter. It was really interesting to be able to support each other in this way.”

– Maxime

04 Personal Development 

You’ll notice it soon yourself. Whether it’s in coaching, training or on assignment, we will often ask the same questions. With one goal: personal development. Cause that’s what Ormit Talent is all about. Learning more about yourself as a person to reach your full potential.  

How? By focusing on the following throughout your traineeship:   

  • Mastering the art of effective communication 
  • The way you interact with people 
  • Embracing the power of feedback. Giving and receiving, yes.  
  • By discovering more about yourself each step of the way (link naar discover) 
  • Your vitality in the workplace 
  • Embracing change and innovation 
  • Inspiring with the skills of the future 


In short: we know what it takes to set you up for a successful career!  

“How much they put you out there and out of your comfort zone, I don’t think that that many people push you to go that far. They create the environment and atmosphere so that you can go make mistakes and learn from it and evolve as a person, and the people are really nice and special, and they give you the space to grow.”

– Lorine

05 From others 

Join our club of like-minded young talents. Your colleagues (or should we say friends?) just love to share tips and experiences with you. Just like you do for them. Between two beers or on the verge of a new challenge. At Ormit Talent you have fun, and you grow. Together. 

“I also enjoy that we do all the trainings with the same group of people, it helps building a sense of trust.” – Jade 

“During the outdoor I enjoyed the fact that we got a lot of feedback from people our own age and coaches. It’s something that you don’t have very often. ” – Lauranne 

But this learning together, is not only informal. We promote this in each training with feedback sessions. 

And we even have a training that is all about learning together. In the training about intervision, you’ll learn more about peer coaching and effective intervision with real cases. Providing you with important tools to coach and support others in a group.  

Curious and hungry for growth?

Open for new experiences and to step out of your comfort zone? Time to join Ormit Talent. To grab your chance to combine working and learning in a young environment.