Discover. Together with us.

Look at you. A curious young talent. The world at your feet. Thinking “Oh, what’s next?”. Freshly out of university or maybe thinking your first job choice wasn’t the right one after all. So many things coming your way. Difficult to navigate through all the endless choices to choose your career path. Well, Ormit Talent is all about finding yours.   


By trying new things and jumping into the unknown. Or as our trainee Lorine puts it: “Discover is everywhere at Ormit Talent.” Every step of your traineeship and even before (read: in your selection process), you’ll discover a lot about yourself. And what else? The job market, companies, different assignments, your true self, your colleagues, and more. Just keep on reading, and it’ll all make sense!

1. The labor market

No matter which traineeship you pick, Ormit Talent offers the ultimate chance to discover the job market. Our traineeships are like a golden ticket that unlocks the mysterious world of working. In this stage of your life, we get it – you have no clue what to expect, and making the right decision can stress you out. That’s why each of our traineeships lets you dip your toes (or feet) in the professional pool. Through rotating assignments, you’ll discover different team vibes, management styles, company cultures, roles, … Get ready to sample all the flavors of the professional world has to offer and embrace this journey of exploration!

Corentin (Management trainee)

Ormit Talent is hard to describe and to explain to people, it’s something you have to experience in order to discover and understand fully what it is.”

Clara (Belfius trainee)

“During my first assignment, I had the opportunity to work on a transversal project and discover the different facets of a company”

Brend (Management trainee)

“I think discover is the main pillar at Ormit Talent”

2. Your true self 

You have your own personality, skills and killer talents. At Ormit Talent, we’re all about digging deeper into all of them. With a mix of hands-on training and one-on-one coaching, we will unravel blind spots. You’ll discover aspects of your own personality that you didn’t even know existed, and how to unleash their full potential. Get ready to look into the mirror and make the most out of who you truly are! 

So go ahead. Ask our trainees about their experience and how they look back on their traineeship. Trust us, they will tell you that they are not the same person now then at the beginning. Oh yeah! We are bold enough to promise you that you will evolve beyond expectation 

But that’s not all! We got more promises to drop. We’re going to help you take the first, second and third steps towards a job and a career as a future leader that fits you and your lifestyle.  

Our only ask? Commitment. The willingness to embark on a self-reflective journey, step by step, with the guidance of the mirror we hold up before you. Hopefully, you dare to look 😉   

3. Others

Sounds like a wild ride, right? Well, fear not, since you’ll never ride alone.  Let us introduce you to your poolies, the internal team and connections at your client.

Your poolies

A group of trainees with whom you’ll have training. The perfect moment to connect and forge unbreakable bonds, pushing each other beyond limits learning from each other’s experiences. Shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, you’ll uplift, inspire and overcome challenges together. And find joy in everything you do informal events, committees, and after works.  With lifelong friendships as a result. Still skeptical? Just browse through our Instagram for snapshots of alumni dinners.

Our in-house crew

The staff as we call it. And this goes beyond your own coach. The other coaches, the sales team, the HR team, … All of them are here to support you throughout your journey. Whether you cross paths in the hallway or at events, they make it a priority to check in, ensuring their doors are always open and ready to lend a hand. And, of course, they know how to have a good time – brace yourself for their jokes and dance moves.

Client connections

And outside Ormit Talent? Our clients work with us for a reason. So, gear up to expand your network. You’re going to meet tons of people-  managers, coworkers and people from diverse backgrounds and expertise Each interaction is an opportunity to learn something new. So time to open your eyes to the wonders around you and enjoy the inspiration of others.

Louis (Data trainee)

“I have the feeling that each person I pass at Ormit Talent has something to teach me.”

Lorine (Management trainee)

I discovered my passion for personal development and soft skills. During trainings and assignments, you discover a lot about yourself, what you are good at but also what you can improve.”

Lauranne (Euroclear trainee)

“With training and coaching, I made links that I didn’t make before. If you’re going through a challenging situation, you are able to take a step back and analyze things thanks to Ormit and know better how to react.

In a nutshell We promise a journey full of discovery. But mind you, the track can get bumpy so make sure to wear sturdy shoes. In other words: Curiosity, out of the box thinking, the courage to challenge not only yourself but others tooAnd don’t forget the twinkle because we strongly believe each of our trainees has something special. Get ready to unleash your inner magic with a traineeship full of discovery.