Marc van Kampen


“Life is a nose, you have to get the most out of it.” For me, that means daily sports. I treat my body like a temple, fueling it with good food and prioritizing mental health. It makes life easier, and that’s what I want to inspire in others. Because having mental clarity and feeling good in your own skin? That’s priceless.






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Marc’s skills…

Motivational Teammate

My energy and optimism are infectious. I get the team excited about challenges. My ability to read people allows me to motivate and move them on the way to success.

Hyper-focused Learner

I learn fast through experience. Throw me into a new project, and I’ll dive in. With a laser sharp focus, I figure things out along the way.

Data Translator

I extract insights from data and translate them into actionable strategies. Need to turn technical findings into improvements for the business world? I’m your guy!

Collaborative ideator

My brain craves new ideas, especially in a team setting. That’s where I learn from others and combine perspectives to find innovative solutions.

Previous experience


Master in Biomedical Sciences

(University of Antwerp) 

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