Valentine Regout


Sports shaped me. The drive, the teamwork, the push to always do better – it’s in my blood. That grit hasn’t left me. Today I’m the captain and only female of the Ormit Talent Football team. Let’s do this!






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Valentine’s skills…

Visual Communicator

I transform complex ideas into easily understood visuals or words. Whether it’s a presentation, a process map, or a compelling pitch, I find the best way to get the message across.

Unwavering Loyalty

I stand by my team through thick and thin. If I commit to something, I deliver. Trust is earned, and I work hard to build strong, supportive relationships.

Empathetic Connector

I understand people’s emotions and motivations. This helps me build genuine connections. My intuition guides me to support those around me and collaborate effectively.

Driven Achiever

My competitive spirit fuels my determination. I set ambitious goals, push myself, and celebrate team victories with as much enthusiasm as my own wins.

Previous experience


Master in Law

(Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Additional diploma in management

(Ichec Brussels Management School)

Scout leader

Les Scouts ASBL


Working with orphaned children (0-3 years old) in Guatemala City and street children in Saint-Louis (Senegal)

Project Manager Junior (internship)


Contract management system support

(ORMIT Talent assignment)


Sustainability Analyst

(ORMIT Talent assignment)


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