Crush your chaos with

the pomodoro technique

It’s always something during exam period. Twinkly christmas lights screaming for your attention. Or the sun and cosy moments with friends taking up your time. We get it. It’s hard to stay focused with all those nice things around you. And growing a tree on your phone, doesn’t really do the trick right?

That’s why we use the Pomodoro technique. A technique that helps you focus and relax when needed. In short, after every 25 minutes of focusing, you take a break of 5 minutes. After 4 Pomodoro’s you get a longer break. It’s quite simple! You can download our pomodoro planner to plan those focus moments and little breaks perfectly.

Let’s focus on the fun part. Study breaks!

5-minute breaks

• Take some vitamin D in the sun
• Scream and shout and let it all out!
• Stretch or do some push-ups! It’s good for your health! Need some help? Push the button!
• Take a 5-minute walk around the block
• Have a pet? Embrace its cuteness and give them your five minutes of attention

Longer breaks

After 4 Pomodoro’s (4 times 25 minutes of focus) you get a longer break. Make it count! Here is how we would do it:
• Put on those running shoes and clear your head
• Invite a friend and have a little chat. Yes, we mean face to face 😉
• Listen to our Ormit Talent Spotify playlist “Screw it. Let’s do it” and get that motivation flowing!
• Prepare a healthy snack or lunch! Chloekookt, a med student combines studying with healthy cooking, we are sure you can too! Check out her blog for recipies

Study smart.

Download the Pomodoro Planner!