Become more attractive on the labour market? A few tips!

The labour market is tight. Very tight. It is difficult to find and keep the right employees. Because just like you, other companies are looking for identical profiles, so everyone is fishing in the same pool. Talented people are scarcer than ever, the competition immense. It is up to you, as an employer, to stand head and shoulders above the crowd and become more attractive on the labour market. But how do you profile yourself as an attractive employer to which young talents are happy to send their CVs? A few tips!



Go for an inspiring business story

The big players on the market recruit people effortlessly. Not rocket science, but still a process they have thought through. These companies spread leadership and make their culture known to everyone. Just think of the nice communication style of Bol.com or Coolblue. Applicants know in advance in which organisation they will end up. So it’s up to you to do the same: think about a strategy, tone, style and story that will make you stand out. And do the same in the vacancies you develop: show where applicants will end up and focus on streamlined transparency. It will undoubtedly boost your image.


Make it clear that young talent makes a meaningful contribution

Generation Y is eager to learn. When they leave school, they want to learn a lot, have opportunities and develop themselves in an organisation that accepts them. They attach great importance to autonomy and want to make a meaningful contribution in the workplace. So if you are looking for young talents with a drive to go for it, you have to prove that you can. Let them have their say, involve employees in the process and show that they can really make a difference.


Focus on personal development

Soft skills are at least as important as hard skills. Someone who has just left school may not have the hard skills needed to do the job. Make it clear that their skills are at least as important as their personality and show who will guide them. The best way to show this? Offer a traineeship where talents can work on the job they want and where you can put them to work in your organisation afterwards.


Make the recruitment and selection process an experience

Post a vacancy online and you’re done? If only it were that simple. If you start the selection process yourself, it is important that you elaborate your selection process carefully. But you can also outsource that process. By bringing in a partner who can take care of recruitment, selection, talent development, coaching and employership for you, your organisation is continually relieved of the burden. After all, they have the necessary expertise in house to make the recruitment and selection process a real experience, so that young talents are even more convinced. Need another advantage? We dig deep with our unique selection process and only pick out the curious and intelligent talents with a strong dose of empathy.

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Keep your promises

Most important of all? Deliver what you promise. You may find talent and employ them, but if you don’t deliver on your promises, they will quickly close the door on you. Finding talent is one thing, keeping it is another.

Ready to realise your ambitions?

With these tips, you will become more attractive on the job market. Are you still unable to reach the profiles you so desperately need? Ormit Talents love challenges and are looking for results with impact.