What tips the scale? Our distinguishing factors.

If you type ‘traineeship’ in Google. Tons of results will pop up. So what are the good ones? We won’t be the judge of that. But we can promise one thing: An Ormit Talent traineeship is not just a traineeship… It is the best choice in the first years of your career. Why? Scroll down to discover.

Ormit Talent trainees

In short?

We breath talent development. And have a strong belief in young talents like you. So we hire them to create impact at other companies. To become the best version of yourself. To develop you as a future leader. So you can add even more value to the business world afterward.

But what tips the scale? Here are 5 things that definitely make us different.

Helping people grow is the center of our business model.     In other companies, it’s just a side dish.

Laurent Chenu, Management Consultant



Our traineeships give you the chance to discover who you are and which direction you should go. You’ll discover your passions, strengths, development points, … and how to use them. Through feedback and coaching. With peer reviews and a lot of reflection. By looking in the mirror multiple times. Challenging but totally worth it!



Learning always beats learning, so we promise your growth curve will go up. In a smart way of course. About inspiring and guiding. Influencing and innovating. Change and ownership. Data and digital. In people and hard skills training. By Ormit Talent, external partners and costumers. Adapted to your traineeship and skills a future leader needs. Interactive, practical and with a twinkle.

We promise 5 years of development in 2 years’ time. Bold, but we’re sure others will confirm it. And on top of all of that, you’ll receive a language budget too.



We offer more than projects. We offer challenging assignments at big companies. Where you’ll have immediate impact. Where they see your young set of eyes as an added value. And all of this, in various domains like marketing, data, management, supply chain or IT. Just to name a few. You can get a taste of totally different roles or functions in one company. But you can also try out different projects at multiple companies. Wherever you go, we’re sure you’ll leave a mark.

Ormit Talent discover

Salary package

And yes, all of this while getting paid. A sneak peek on our salary package:

  • A competitive salary.
    And we don’t just say it. We mean it. We watch the market and adapt when needed.
  • Mobility
    A car with fuel card or a or a greener option. A Skipr card to pay the bus, rent a bike, or even buy one. Many options to explore!
  • A flexible wage increase after 12 months
    Yes, for everyone. Cause flourishing and struggling is part of the deal. A bit more salary or extra vacation days. All up to you!
  • A salary is more than a pay check
    Extra benefits in the mix: a home office allowance, lunch vouchers, eco cheques, smartphone + mobile subscription, benefits at work, hospitalization insurance, group assurance, a well-being budget, …
Ormit Talent trainees


At Ormit Talent, you’re part of a community. Full of young and like-minded entrepreneurs. Full of memories and people you’ll never forget!

  • With regular meet-ups and intervisions with your pool, a group of trainees that starts around the same time as you. With whom you’ll have a lot of trainings. Friends for life.
  • Through commitees that care about our people and the environment. Sustainability, wellbeing, innovation, … All subjects you can work on with other trainees. To make Ormit Talent and the world a better place.
  • Tons of events. Think about skitrips, summer courses, pizza nights, and many more!

All of this, makes us a Best Place To work! But you don’t have to believe us. Just ask around. Our trainees and alumni would love to tell you about our twinkle. About how we inspire each other. And make sure to follow us on social media too. To get a flavour of all these benefits.