How do we use the

Ormit Talent leadership model

A successful company is an organization where leadership is stimulated, developed, and nurtured. And therefore, it’s important that organizations have a vision on leadership.  Based on our many years of experience, we at Ormit Talent developed our own vision. A vision we translated into a model.

It consists of 5 pillars: Know what matters, Connect people, Manage processes, Think & act outside-in. With Personal leadership as the 5th element that binds all others together. But how do we use this model? Continue reading!

To discover future leaders

At Ormit Talent, we are looking for special ones. Future leaders that are willing to question themselves. But that also want to have an impact. To find those future leaders, we develop a special profile per traineeship.

When we develop a traineeship for 1 specific client, we sit together with them. We discuss and define the competencies crucial for the success of the program. Based on that discussion, we build a profile that contains all the elements of our leadership model. And we add observable competencies and behaviour for each element.

For our general management traineeships, we use our expertise. But also the feedback our many clients give us. They tell us about their ambitions and dreams. We listen and learn what competencies are needed to make those dreams reality. It’s the base we use to translate our leadership model into a profile. Again, a list full of observable competencies and behaviour.

Next step? Based on these profiles, we define the perfect exercises that will enable us to discover those candidates we think could be an ideal match. An ideal match for us, for the client. But where we are also convinced our clients and Ormit Talent are the ideal match for the candidate.

Win-Win-Win you know.

To develop future leaders

Our Ormit Talent leadership model is the base we model our development tracks on. We make sure to pay attention to the different aspects of our model in all the development activities. We focus especially on those areas where personal leadership meets the other aspects of the model.

We focus a lot on self-insight and self-knowledge. So yes, we spend a lot of time on self-reflection. Not because we think that everyone should only focus on themselves. No! Because we believe that before wanting to be understood, you have to understand. And thus, we stimulate self-awareness during coaching sessions and trainings. It’s where Connecting People and Personal Development meet.

Being curious and eager to learn are crucial. Having a thirst for knowledge and wanting to develop new skills. Mouth-watering! Ormit Talent trainees are people that want to get things done. So, we have trainings on politics in organization. On story telling. On change management. It’s where Think & Act Outside-In meets Personal Development.

But to be able to change you need to know how things work. To be able to find your leadership style, you need to know what different styles exist. To be able to manage a team, you need to know about team dynamics. We offer all those trainings. It’s where Personal Development meets Knowing what Matters.

And finally, it’s important to learn how to prioritize things. To keep the overview. To be able to zoom out and dive back in almost instantly. The best place to learn how to do this, is the “work floor”. Especially during their assignments, our trainees learn to keep a helicopter view, set priorities etc. The area where Personal Development and Managing processes meet.

To deliver results

As said before, we translated our Ormit Talent leadership model into observable behaviour. That makes it ideal to monitor progress during the assignments at the client. Every 2 to 3 months, our trainees have a meeting with their mentor at the client and their Ormit Talent coach. During their first meeting, together they define the competencies and behaviour to focus on.

All along the project, the coach supports the trainees in their development of chosen competencies. They define actions to improve, find ways to repeat successes, … The almost monthly coaching sessions are the ideal setting for this.


The client also gets the opportunity to share their feedback with the trainee. We stimulate the client not only to focus on performance, but also on the personal development of the trainee. Regular 1-on-1 meetings with their mentor at the client help the trainees a lot. To get feedback on what is going well. To see what could be improved. The trainee shares the received feedback with their coach. And both coach and trainee discuss what possible actions are needed.

During the regular meetings where all parties (trainee, client, coach) are present, all elements of feedback come together. Observations on the behaviour are shared, actions to improve or further developments are presented. It helps also to achieve results. Everybody happy!

Curious about knowing more?

Check out our leadership model in detail and find out what the five pilars specifically entail.

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