IT is more than zero and one

Differentiate yourself with human skills

A passion for IT. Curious about coding and software development. With databases as part of your comfort zone. Plenty of recruiters are looking for tech talents like you. But to create real impact, you’ll need more. Discover why human skills are important to become an IT rock star!



No IT without business


As an IT professional, you’ll work with plenty of technology and software. But also in collaboration with plenty of other departments. Departments that don’t always speak the same ‘technical language’. And that’s where human skills come in. You’ll have to translate your ideas in a way your audience understands. Communication skills and empathy are important to have an impact within projects. To teach colleagues how to use your technology and the importance of it.


To keep up with change


Technology is constantly evolving. As an IT Professional, so will you. All the time. Only with human skills, you’ll be able to keep up the pace. To feel fine with change and failure. Which ones? Relentless curiosity to stay up to date on the newest innovations. And to be creative with your own solutions. Learning agility and flexibility to adapt quickly. And of course, the willingness to look in the mirror. Only by knowing yourself, your strengths and development points, you’ll be able to evolve with your surroundings.


A career is built on competences


Our introduction already gave it away. Hard skills will probably get you the job, but you don’t build your career on it. It’s built on competences. Human skills like leadership potential, a growth mindset, your ability to see the bigger picture, teamwork, communication skills.


Ready to differentiate yourself from the tech savvy crowd?


To create real impact with your IT skills within business? But no idea how… A traineeship offers you the best of both worlds. Development of your hard skills on the job and human skills in training. And at Ormit Talent, we add a coach to the mix. To make sure you’re supported every step of the way. Pretty sure you’re in for a roaring career.