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A background in data, IT, AI, tech or innovation? Perfect! You’ll have plenty of options. But your tech skills are only part of the puzzle to be truly successful in these fields. Cause no IT without business. No data without human.

Ready to differentiate yourself from the digital savvy crowd? Smart! Time to develop your human skills. Cause change happens at the intersection of people and tech. And at Ormit Talent, you can become that intersection. Sounds vague? Read on then.

Discover develop deliver

We offer all parts of the puzzle

In traineeships for each interest. And challenging assignments in data, IT, digitalisation, change, or something else. Through training and coaching in people skills. And hard skills, yes. For which we have partnerships with companies specialised in data consultancy and digital growth. Cause this mix will get you far. And make you grow more in 2 years than you would in five elsewhere. You’re in for a roaring career!

For me, starting my career at Ormit Talent was natural. Being able to sample different data-related projects. And developing your people skills at the same time. That combo was enough to pique my curiosity. And even though I’ve only just started, I’m still very happy with my decision.

Dagmar Stessels, Data trainee



Discover which part you want to play

Whether you love data, coding, digitalization, agility, … You’ll have plenty of offers asking you to choose a specific role. Or maybe you already did, but it turned out to be a wrong choice after all. Which part will you play now? Let’s find out together. In a traineeship in data, IT or digital transformation. On the job where you’ll rotate between multiple assignments. Through training and performance coaching. And along the way, you’ll get to know yourself better.



Level up your people and leadership skills

And hard skills of course. Get ready to be amused and amazed with +20 days of training. From Ormit Talent and partner organizations like ORTEC or DigitalScaler. About influencing and innovating. Change and ownership. Data science and business agility. At least one day a month. Interactive, practical and with a twinkle. Yes, learning can be fun



Create impact at companies on the verge of change

Transformations, dashboarding, process optimalisations, IT development, data insights … Whatever your assignment will be, you’ll leave a mark. In impactful projects where you are bold enough to achieve results and create change. Always with loads of fun and the right balance between your life and your work. And afterwards it’s up to you. A challenging role as a leader or an expert in your field? At a client or somewhere else? No dream is to big.

And all of this, together. With a twinkle.

You’ll meet plenty of other trainees. Young curious talents like you. Who want to do things differently. Not the hard way but the smart way. Who want to get in best shape for a promising career. You’ll inspire each other in everything you’ll do. With loads of fun ofcourse. Do you have FOMO yet?

Ready to be different? Pick your domain!

Trainee in an online meeting

IT traineeship @ ArcelorMittal

From IT analyst to Team Leader. During your traineeship you will take on the role of IT analyst while learning everything there is to learn to become a team leader.

Agile Traineeship @BNP Paribas Fortis

Coaching, project management, risk management, facilitation management, … Grow these skills and become a scrum master in only 24 months!

Data traineeship

Always had a thing-with-data? Then do something with it. And go from curious data lover to curious data chief. In projects at various companies. Around data analytics, visualization and many other English words. Go!